10 common Dining manners you must know

10 common Dining manners you must know
Written by Pintu Maji

Friends, attending a dinner invitation or enjoying outing on a star restaurant is very common to all of us nowadays. But this common matter is bound within few common manners and codes with out which you become an uncommon face among common gathering. It is your manner and conduct that display your sophistication and well breeding and a sound personality too. Before you find yourself to be counted with those, a number of good manners are to be included while you are on a dining in social gathering. From entering into the room to exit out of the room your manner shows your personality.People may find a scope to judge you on a dining table if you have not an idea about these. Why to worry;why am I here for you? Then lets begin from the very beginning.

10 common Dining manners you must know

  1. Entry:- The display of your behaviour starts with your entry on the dining room or restaurant. Don’t just run for the chair. Do admire and take a look on the decoration of the room. Let other think that you are not only focusing on the food but also interested on other things too.
  2. Sitting:- It is a courtesy to wait for a senior or a lady to sit, before you take your sit. If you are waiting for others to sit then stand at the back of a chair, you want to take but never stand at the side of that. It describes your politeness, courtesy and mannerism. Sit in a straight way without leaning or bending on the table. Don’t keep your hands on the table while you are eating. But if the dining is over you may put your hands on the table at the time of conversation. But remember to place both of your hands on the table. It lends you a smarter look.
  3. Preparation:- Before you start, don’t forget to utter a call of formalinvitation to all for a start. Place the towel on your lap. If the plates and other things are not arranged then you must arrange those in a proper way. Keep the serving plate at the centre in front of you. Place the glasses and tumblers at the right side after keeping the spoons and knives first.Arrange the spoons and knives side be side keeping their handle towards you. Then place the bread plate at the left of your serving plate after keeping the forks arranging side by side.
  4. Use of these needed things:- The important thing you must know about using these things before dining. There exist two kinds of dininghabits using forks and spoon or knife. Americansuse their right hand for holding the knife and left hand for holding the fork. Once they cut the bit of food with the knife they place that knife on the rim of the plate but not on the table. Then they switch the fork on their right hand again and do the same alternatively.

The continental style is little bit different. In this style people hold the knife on their right hand and the fork on their left hand. Then without keeping the knife down the intake the bit of food with the fork holding on left hand. It is very stylish and easy to follow.

  1. Way to hold the knife and fork:- There is a particular way of holding spoon or knife or a fork. Hold the knife with the use of three fingers, index, middle and thumb. Keep the index finger at the top of the knife where the knife meets the handle. Hold the fork not on its neck but at the semi top part of the fork. It gives you a comfortable hold to eat food. If you are eating some stuff with bone then hold the knife like a pencil to move aside the bones.
  2. Way of eating soup and food:- The first thing you must start your dinner with a bowl of soup. Place the bowl of soup on a plate and hold the plate with a folded towel and then use a spoon. Always take the spoon out of the bowl sweeping its bottom at the edge of the bowl and then taste it. After finishing the soup wipe your lips with a piece of napkin and place that nappy and the spoon on the plate on which the bowl is placed. Do not make a mistake to place the nappy and the spoon on the bowl.

If you start eating food then always take small bite and chew that without opening your mouth apart. Don’t try to talk with the bit of food on your mouth. But don’t remain too silent to be called a glutton.

  1. Way to take a short leave while dining:- If You may need to leave your plate for sometime for any reason then there is a special way of taking leave from others. You may just say, ‘excuse me, coming back in short’. If you got a phone call then it is always expected from a well mannered person to leave the table for the purpose. Do not keep your mobile on the dining table. There are also few universal signs to show the progress of your dining. If you want to take a short leave then place the fork and knife in a cross way on your plate or keep them at the left side of your plate converging their front part and keeping their back part a little wide apart so that it looks like the English alphabet ‘A’.
  2. Indication of finishing:- If you have finished your dining or want the waiter to take away the plates then place the fork and knife side by side in 10:20 position. It means the front part of the knife will direct towards 10 while the back of the fork or spoon direct towards 20 considering the plate a clock. Keep the napkin or towel on your lap at the left side of the plate in such a way that should not show the mark of the food. It is needed to give a message of the over of your innings.
  3. Important manners:- One of the manner to ask for any dish. If any dish or bowl is not in your reach from the place you sit then don’t come out of your sit or try to stretch your hand over the table to reach that. It shows a bad mannerism. You just ask him or her who is sitting near that to pass it on to you.

It is also a manner to pass on both the peeper and salt when anybody ask even only one. It is really a mark of politeness and well behaviour.

It is better to continue eating slowly with others that to swallow the food up quickly. It allows you to stay connected with them without leaving others to do that in a hurry.

Try to taste all the food items atlest once or twice. Don’t show others your disliking for any particular food item.

Making sound at the time of eating food or drinking soups of tea is very much disliked by others and thus are abominable.

  1. Pass compliments:- Whether you arevisiting a host or a chef or waiter of some restaurant don’t forget to give them compliments on their effort and the dishes. It shows your mannerism and well behaviour. It binds a good relation with them. If you don’t like the dishes then don’t dishearten them with harsh words. You may say, ‘ waiting for better taste’ or ‘ the dinner could have been memorable if the dishes were really tasty’.

Now I wish these will obviously help you to be categorised among those who are labelled as men of manners. If you really want to try and apply these on you then the gates of restaurants are always open for you. And of course don’t forget totake me with you if you are going to cater your tongue. Thank you for reading and specially for the invitation.

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