A sparkle to create fire

A sparkle to create fire
Written by Pintu Maji

Friends, we always think, the grass on the other side of river is more green. And the other on the opposite side of the river holds the same view. So dissatisfaction is common everywhere. This is not because of circumstance but for the way we look into any matter or scope. There is a saying,‘ no poison can kill a positive thinker and no medicine can cure a negative thinker’. Here substance does not matter but what really matters is, the view and mental make up which you hold. Where you are burdened under depression or mental pressure there a positive prospect may appear meaningless and unsubstantial .It issomehow due to limitless desire for the highest to attain. Sometimes,to attain a big loaf ,we do not consider the existence of little things. But change always comes with little things not with large. I have seen people to blame their fortune or God for everything, he or she is suffering from. But don’t forget , even a non running watch gives the correct time twice a day. If you grudge over your condition you will only make it worse. So always take a positive look in negative and use every little hope or chance for the better in your life.Let me share a short story of a poor man that will make you understand my point appositely.

One day a poor man met Lord Buddha on his way. The man looked very poor and unhappy. He was very frustrated too. He stopped Buddha and begged him for a permission to ask him a question. Buddha smiled and nodded. The man asked Buddha why is God so cruel and why is he so partial in his judgement.Buddha only smiled and told him to have patience and to narrate the reason of his view. The man said, ‘why am I so poor? Why don’t I get any good opportunity in my life’? Lord Buddha said to him that ,’its you, who are responsible for your own condition, not the God. Opportunity can never be good or bad its who turns it good or bad’. The man could not understand anything . He could not agree with Buddha. Buddha easily understood the mind of the poor man and wanted the man to follow him to a nearby garden. The man just followed Buddha.

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On reaching to the garden Buddha showed the man a row full of roses. There were thousands of roses of various colours and sizes. Then Lord Buddha showed the man the row of the flowers and asked him to bring the a rose for him which would be big in size and bright in colour. When the man was about to go ,Buddha reminded him the condition, that he can never come back to get any flower once he proceed. The man started to search for the best flower out of the thousands.Whenever the man decided to pick up a rose, he stopped himself in the expectation of finding out better than that. In this way he was totally absorbed in the thought of finding out the best with out bothering about the limitation of the flowers. In this way, he was awakened from his trance with the open palm of Buddha who was standing on the other hand for the flower. At the end of the da the man had not managed to pick any flower from the garden. Now he had no choice to go back as per the condition. The man just cried for his foolishness and begged mercy from Buddha.

Friends, we all are like this old man, who are suffering fromfrustration and poverty, either mentally or spiritually, in our life and consider God or circumstance responsible for our condition.Her the row of the flowers is the flow of time ;whereas moving forward means growing in age with the passing of time. The flowers are the opportunities and the roses with thorns are opportunities with hardship. Coming back after proceeding was not permitted as passing of time can never been attained again. The choice for the best flower, without caring about the limitation, is similar to denying opportunity in the greed of better to come in life, bothering least about the present possibilities and opportunities. Spreading of hand at the end of the row with open palm by Buddha, is asking of God to return back our soul with good deeds. God send us in this world with a pure soul and so he wants the soul back in its pure condition with good deeds.

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A frog eats ants, but when the frog dies the ants eat that. A tree is needed to make a match stick, but that match stick can turn the whole forest into ashes. Situation may change anytime. But we have to wait with patience keeping the small hopes in our heart for the best to come or to attain the pick. Don’t forget a sparkle is enough to create fire. With the hope of a better view in life I say good bye to you till the next article on any other topics.

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Pintu Maji

Pintu Maji is the chief author and the co founder of the domain. He is an M.A in English literature and at present is in teaching profession. He is here to share his views experience and knowledge on those topics , he is experienced with. He is skilled at team management and man study and their behaviors. Likes to read books and sing songs and of course blogging.Making new friends is his hobby. Here his goal is to share his little knowledge , he has and to meet your needs and make you happy.


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