Break up or wake up…..?

Break up or wake up....?
Written by Pintu Maji

Friends, don’t you think that break up in love could be a gateway to wake up in life?  I know,  those who have experienced break up recently, are not in a mood to read me on or to go with my view. Still my request to you and to those having no such experience, to read it on, so that you also holds the same view as I do. Separation is  always a matter of sorrowfulness, but what about the person who  had never been yours?Is it possible to carry on a relationship by force or all by yourself? The answer is, no. If you think from the deep of your heart , you can feel that this relationship or love is a sincere feelings of mind. There is no connection of body.

Realy Breakup


So why should you torture your body for your troubled mind? Will not it be wise to do something with your mind? The mind of people can make a hell of heaven or heaven of hell (Milton). Now it is your mind which need to be focused not on your break up but on your future which is yet to wake up.


Don’t forget that nothing can defeated you. Either you win, or you are learning the secret of wining.There should never be any negative word in your dictionary.One thing you must understand,to stop is death and to move is life. While you stop thinking anything but your break up you are nearer to defeat or death.Now it is entirely up to you whether a hangover of break up should rule your life or should it be full of promising future waking up for new to do.

Only change is constant in this universe. So, going against the change means, to fight against the time which is never possible. Rather it is good to mould yourself with the change of time. Even a little animal can change itself to survive, then what about you, the most intelligent and advanced  creation of this world? Thousands of young spoil their life in this tug of war between the break up and patch up. Life is too short friend to bother about these insignificants. If he or she can live without you then what are youleaving your happinessfor? Where as someone rejects you for a better choice to make his or her life more secured and happy, there you are trying to do just the opposite. Are you so cheap? Are you too weak  to move on?

Be the silent hero. Determine to prove yourself to create the best out of you. If you want any person to get motivation from ,then you just stand in front of a mirror, you would find the person. We all are strong enough to fight with the external power but we are not always strong to fight with our inner self. If you are fighting with your own self, then it is hard to achieve anything great. Friends don’t be fool .But be cool. If you understand the value of time then you would realise the foolishness of wasting time in such a foolish way. Time is such a valuable thing which you never get back in your whole life. With the hangover of your break up you are constantly fighting with yourself which is tough to overcome. Invest your time for success not for mourn over the defeat. Thinking is a strong force which can never be stopped or destroyed but it can be diverted towards a positive direction to win over the loss.

Look when you are in a relationship you spend hour after hour or invest your time out of nothing but a mental pleasure. Now when you face the break up, you fail to taste that mental pleasure. Then only by thinking over the past, you deny all your activities and work. Is not it better to find an alternative way to find pleasure? This may be, building your career or determine to be one out of thousands.Actually we get pleasure from that thing or person what or whom we love. Now if a particularperson is strong enough to snatch your pleasure and time then think how poor and weak you are. Try to find out pleasure from any source but the alternative relation or affair. I have seen people do this mistake of searching another affair to cast aside the odd feelings of break up or to impress upon his or her ex the charm of his or her personality. How wrong they are to think like that. If the same case of break up happens again, thenwho would fill the loneliness and frustration? Will it be another or so? In this way you might find yourself at the age of forty twisted between this bloody break up and patch up. Now look back to your past. What are there left for you? Break up? Patch up? Is there anything more? Where the success is; what are your achievement? Nothing.Now you get neither the architect of your break up nor the architect of your own career. But you may turn this nothing into everything. Pursue your goal not the break up. Look ahead for success not for the past.The best answer of break up is to break up with the past by erasing all his or her memory from your mind. So wake up fast to a new prospect of life to make your life full of dreams for future.Moreover it is your will to chose the ‘up’ either with break or wake. Note that , ‘No poison can kill a positive thinker and no medicine can cure a negative thinker. So from today your moto must be, ‘patch up with life , break up with past’.

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Pintu Maji

Pintu Maji is the chief author and the co founder of the domain. He is an M.A in English literature and at present is in teaching profession. He is here to share his views experience and knowledge on those topics , he is experienced with. He is skilled at team management and man study and their behaviors. Likes to read books and sing songs and of course blogging.Making new friends is his hobby. Here his goal is to share his little knowledge , he has and to meet your needs and make you happy.


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