Happy New Year, the new ‘WE’

Written by Pintu Maji

Oh finally the day, we are waiting for, has come. Is this a different day from the rest? Yes, the day is a little bit different from other common days. This day is a day that creates a gateway for a new calendar replacing the old one.The day remains busy with new year wishes, messages, exchanging of gifts and greetings, a day with new hope, new dreams, new prospect, new resolutions and what not?  We wave a good bye to the old year and welcome the new year with glee and merriment. Do you know what is special about the day other than these? Other than the newness and glitters of the day it is special from another aspect. We wait eagerly for the day to come as we expect highly about the day to come for us instead of letting it come. That’s why it is special for us. Actually we make the day special all by ourselves  otherwise the day is common like other regular days. As a matter of fact,1st January shows us hope and dreams and 31st December reflects reality and our ability. A distance of one second not only transports you from a year to another but also helps you to meet your imagination and dream with reality and ability. It hold a statistics or record sheet of your whole year. It completes the sheet with your debit and credit share. In accordance with that one may be termed as loser or gainer.But the greatest irony is that without caring and knowing about our the failure of our dreams still we hope for the future with hope and dreams.Consider this with a positive sense of look. Don’t stop hoping for the best if your dreams fail.In the queue of the new,is not there any thing that are years old? Literarally coming of new years is nothing but coming of a new day only. Where the enthusiasm and happiness of the day escape on the other 364 days throughout the year? Where the glossiness of the day are concealed?Why can’t we get the feelings of the day on other days? It is obviously our endeavour and effort that is responsible for that. Instead of thinking a day boring and burden if we always stay active and desirous for the same throughout the year then it is not impossible to think the others with full of hope and promise.

A common practice we follow is to take new year resolutions. We remain quite confident and positive to fulfil and maintain the resolutions for the next whole year. But do we fulfil and follow it properly? I suppose , no. It is common to be seen that all our resolutions are related to ourown. They include, ‘ what I shall do’ and ‘what I shall not for changing myself’. Truly we start a year with a narrow point of view. Why not ‘we’? Why not ‘us’ instead of ‘I’ and ‘me’? Our first resolution, I think,should start with ‘we’ and ‘us’ not with ‘I’ and ‘me’. Draft a resolution that would bring happiness for others. If we determine to include all for sharing our happiness and warmth of the day then it is the real fulfilment of your resolutions. We have proved that we are human with our appearance and outlook but now it is time for us to prove that we are humane too with our conduct and behaviour. So lets resolute to be more humane and more sympathetic, more calm, more helpful, to be the one out of one. It means always try to be better for other than the best you. Love all, respect all and get back love and respect from all. Consider people by his or her heart rather than his or her get up and appearance. Remember, A rich heart may be kept under a poor coat.

We always consider what we get and what we lose in the whole year but we never consider the completeness of a year in respect to our good deeds and bad deeds. If we consider and count our moves and deeds there must be few who may claim to exceed the bad deeds by good deeds. If somehow the good deeds exceeds then I am sure there are few who may claim their good deeds are mostly for others not for his or her own. When we become a failure we then accuse  on situations and on others not on ourselves, but as a matter of fact all our activities were tied with our self created situation and related to us not to others. Then how can we accuse situation and others or how can we expect help from others where as we don’t help others.Extend your helping hand for others and there must be many waiting for you to grasp those. Use your hands for support not for holding arms. Feel the warmth of love and sharing instead of have share without love.

There is a saying that there are only two phrases  in your life. One when situation is in your favour and the other when the situation is against you. Friends don’t be aggressive and reckless if it is in your favour and don’t be restless if it is not in your favour. Wait with patience as the next phrase will obviously be in your favour. In our life we fall in love with beauty but what, if we find beautyon him or her whom we love.Do you know what is the common in the breaking of mirror and a relation? A mirror is broken by mistake and a relation is broken by mistake of understanding. Both are impossible to get back in their formal state once they are broken.What’s the use of making a happy new year wish if you are not a cause of ones happiness? Be the reason for others to smile, be the source of happiness. Understand the value and bond or relation like a lucid mirror that reflect a clear and profound reflection of love and caring. What is the difference between memories and promise? Memories break us and we break promise. In spite of your hard effort it is hard to carry on a relation based on a demand and purpose. Build up a relation that is not rooted on purpose but on love and understanding.

Friends, mistake is common being human. If relation is a book full of pages then mistake is only a page of that book. It makes no difference if you tore up a page from the book but it is like a stake to throw the whole book away from you. Relation is very  precious. Always understand the value of that. Always keep in mind it is really easy and simple to break than to create and maintain.

Years come and years go but what remain always with you is a strong rooted relation and bond that holds you tight against running wave of time. No one is rich enough to get his or her past back and no one is poor enough to alter his future. You can not alter the past of you and others but you can obviously alter your future and that of others. So why not do all these what is possible for youforgetting all the past errors and fury and the cold war of mindto welcome a new year, to begin a fresh and create a new ‘we’ who are hopeful to bring a better future for all. In this hope of better future and new ‘we’ wish you a Happy New Year to all from the Almighty.

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Pintu Maji

Pintu Maji is the chief author and the co founder of the domain. He is an M.A in English literature and at present is in teaching profession. He is here to share his views experience and knowledge on those topics , he is experienced with. He is skilled at team management and man study and their behaviors. Likes to read books and sing songs and of course blogging.Making new friends is his hobby. Here his goal is to share his little knowledge , he has and to meet your needs and make you happy.

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