How to be attentive in studies or grow concentration

How to be attentive in studies or grow concentration
Written by Pintu Maji

Friends, We all like ‘Facebook’, but we don’t like to face book. I know, it’s easy to say but hard to change. Really, reading is not an joyful act for most of the students to carry on. It is one of the common problems for the students to concentrate on their studies or sometimes it is hard to remember the lessons in spite of a hard work. It makes the parents as well as the students worried. This problem can be easily solved out by following few easy and effective steps. Today we are going to find out the reasons and the way to solve the problem out.

1) Self motivation
First problem that a student face is, a casual attitude without any seriousness which acts as a wall against their studies. This attitude often leads to failure or loss of confidence in him. We all are like the motor engine with full of energy that needs only a touch to start it on. Sometimes students say ‘ I can’t do this, or I can’t understand the subject’. I know, you really don’t understand; but not the subject, but your internal power or ability. Never consider your failure as something like destructive force, rather consider that, as a force and lesson to draw out your potentials and abilities. There is a saying that ‘Your last mistake is your best teacher’. So first of all you motivate yourself by taking a written resolution not to be demotivated. For this you first set a goal or lesson plan according to
which you can attain your result.

Self motivation
You may take an art paper and write the name of those friends or classmates or may be any name which really inspire you on the write side of the paper in red colour. Next you write few motivated words that really inspire you. The best quotes should be on’ the importance of time’. Or you may put down ‘THE TIME I WASTE CAN NEVER COME BACK’. This will always motivate you to use the best of your clock. I mean to say first of all consider the value of time which you just waste for nothing.
2) Start with a prayer

Before start reading you may sit straight and close your eyes to meditate for just two minutes. At the time you just feel your heart beat. You may try to remember your parents’ face. These things only prepare you for the goal with a concentrative mind. If your mind is concentrative then you naturally can concentrate on your lesson too.
3) Time table

You need a track to complete your race. So accordingly you need to prepare a time table as per your convenience. This will boost your energy, seriousness and sincerity showing you a path to follow

4) Environment
Now selection of place to study is very much important. Always try to select a place which is very calm and free from any disturbance. Never try to sit on the bed, because this is a place to sleep on not to read. On bed you feel lethargic and soon fell asleep. Always use chair table in your study room. But keep in mind that this chair never should face a door or a window. Here you may be disturbed by the entrance or passing of anyone. Try to read at night by using a table lamp for better concentration. Use a good incense stick and in your study room for better result.
5) Be ready with everything

While you are about to start reading, make sure that you are with all the needed things like, books, copies, geometry box, pen, colour pencils and most important water bottle with you, so that you never need to get up or lose concentration for these things.
6) Way to increase time of reading
Duration of time given in studies is very important. If you are unable to fulfil this one, then you obviously need to work on it. But keep in mind the proverb ‘Slow but steady wins the race’. Don’t ever try to increase your study time overnight from two hours to twelve hours. There you will face the failure at prime. What to do is that you increase your study time slowly by adding fifteen minutes everyday with the previous time table. In this way you can increase your attention and interest.
7) Selection of subject or topics
Selection of topics according to the part of the day is related to the selection of subject or topics of the studies. Always start reading the tuffest subjects in the morning or in the evening. Generally after getting up from bed or from nap, read the tuff subjects. But one thing, don’t start reading at the beginning those subjects, which you don’t find any interest in.
8) Take a break
sometimes you get bored or reading seems monotonous. Take a two minutes of break in every half an hour and drink water to erase the feeling of monotonousness. Walk inside the study room for that two minutes in a free mood. A study proves that the students who stand on the class to ask question frequently, their brain and mind remain more alert than those who do not. You may have a relaxation on any day of the week. It simply makes the other six days more useful.

9) Self reward
self reward is an effective way to be motivated. Like you may reward yourself by listening to a good music after a fixed lesson or goal is achieved, or like this of any type.

10) Walk and read
It’s a powerful way to memorise any topic or lesson by walking inside the room with the book in your hand. You may use this tricks at night also to cast aside your drowsiness.
11) Read loud & Write more
Read loudly or atlest in such a voice which is audible to you. It gives you two benefits. While you read loud there the lesson is stored in the brain as an audible message; whereas silent reading gives you an optical message. In loud reading your brain collect both optic and auditory message. Loud reading also keeps away unwanted sounds from outside giving you a cool environment. Writing after reading makes your preparation complete. Writing once worth ten times reading. It gives you a chance to check your preparation by tallying your written answer with the book or copy. Not only that, it helps to cast aside the tedious reading .It provides you a change.
12) Thinking
Now at the end of the day before you sleep, just think what did you read or learn throughout the day. This thinking will determine your next day. Try this. You need not to share this to me but apply it for you. I know, if you prepare your lesson, it will give you a feeling of satisfaction and happiness. On the other hand if you don’t do so then you feel a sense of lacking and emptiness. Now choice is yours. Whether you want to stay happy with your slightest effort or remain engrossed in emptiness, which is created all by yourself. So, do you understand how the seed of motivation lies inside your will? If you understand this then you will get the proof of my first point.

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