How to grow your height

How to grow your Hight
Written by Pintu Maji

Want to be the distinguished facein the thick crowd? Like to be an example of a good and handsome physique? Then only a good look is not enough. A good look is never complete with a sound height. Friends, the word ‘height’ in itself is such in a height, which is not attainable to all. A good height not only gives you a handsome look but also enrich your confidence and personality. Today we are going to discuss about the way how to grow your height in an effective way. Though the increasement of height of an individual depends on age and heredity to a great extent, still thiscontent could be effective for you all ,irrespective to age, sex and heredity.

  1. Posture of walking and sitting:- A good and scientific habit of walking and sitting is very much effective for your desired result. Our skeleton system lends us our structure and height and muscular system lends us  our weight and look.So a strong and straight skeleton can grow your height.

What to doFirst of all Keep in mind to keep your backbone straight whether you are walking or sitting. Always walk along your nose; I mean to say that at the time of walking keep your backbone straight and head upward. I have seen people to walk bending forward their head and it is one of the factors against your height. Even when you are sitting you must sit straight keeping your backbone straight.Now when you are walking or sitting bending forward thereyour spine remain compressed, which is a drawback against your growth. But the practice of keeping your spine straight at the time of walking and sitting really elongates your spine and height.

  1. Proper exerciseproper exercise in proper way may increase your expenses, making your  clothes shortand unfit for you. I mean to say exercise can change your height and look also. So start practicing these exercises as they are mentioned.

What to do –(1) Our first step is hanging. Select a place where you can hang your body with the help of both of your hands. Make sure that the rod or holding bar must be smooth and fit to your palm. Let your body stretch stiff and try to pull up your waist straight. Do this for three times,each for atlest three minutes. Do this in normal breathing.

                             (2)Next is pull up which is very easy and effective to grow your height. Fix a bar atlest 2.5 ft.above your head. Now hold a tight grip at the bar and let your body hang with your hands. Hold the bar in such a way so that your palms face your body. Now try to pull up your body stiffly and touch your chest with the bar. Stay up for one second and then pull down yourself. Keep in mind to inhale while pulling up and exhale while pulling down.

                             (3) Third one is really outstanding. Stand straight joining your toes and keeping hands sidewise. And now slowly pull up your hands keeping your ears in touch with the hands. After that place you fingers in between the gaps of the fingers in such a way that it gives you a tight hold. Now slowly try to stand on both of your toes and look at the joined fingers. Stay for one minute in this way. Do it for five times twice a day.

  1. AcupressureAcupressure is a scientific way of creating pressure to stimulate glands for healing various oddities. There are few ways or tricks that stimulate your hormonal, digestive glands to grow your height.

           ☆ what to do (1) Create pressure on the top of your thumb with your index finger. It increases the production of your growth hormones. You may try this on the thumb of your legs also. Try this three times a day for three minutes each. Be careful don’t do this after sunset.


(2) Create pressure on the top of your middle finger of both hands with your index finger. It helps to secret STH that helps you in your growth.

(3) Press your ring finger of both hands with your index finger to get a result for the development of your skeleton. While creating pressure on your fingers don’t hold the fingers for a longer time rather give the pressure periodically .While doing these your backbone must be straight.

  1. Balance dietFor the growth of your body protein and for the instant energy for body carbohydrate is very much needed. Above all a balanced and regular diet can help you to fulfill your aim.

        ☆ What to doInclude in you diet chart more protein like egg,chicken,milk, fish etc. Egg, chicken, fish are loaded with protein and minerals which increase the store of necessary elements in your body. Milk is very helpful for your bones as it is a good source of protein. Along with these fruits like banana, apple almonds and adequate water is also very much needed for your body. One uncommon thing which is really a secret is to drink a glass of milk regularly by adding two table spoon of molasses.

Hope this article is going to help you a lot. With the promise of coming back soon wish you a good height; Oh sorry good night.

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