Look first on your first look

Look first on your first look
Written by Pintu Maji

Going for the first dating ? Appearing for  the first interview? Is it the first day in your Office? Is there a party at night?In every respect what worries most, is your outfit, as outfit doesn’t remain same in every situation. It is changed according to situation and venue.Who doesn’t want to look smart and beautiful? Everyone, my friends. But as a matter of fact, we all don’t have a good sense or knowledge about perfection. A good feather can obviously make a bird beautiful but a good clothes can not always make an individual look smart unless, he or she has a good dressing sense. Your first look is the last word for a sound impression that lasts forever.Sometimes to cope up with the glamour world or to have a celeb look we just opt any dress that suits other better. It is even very important to follow the trend with proper knowledge of fashion world. Obviously your choice and trend must be fit with your bodytype and purse.

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With the passing of time the corporate sectors are becoming a scope for women, where a good dressing sense is very much important. The trend of wearing power suit is now a days common in corporate sectors. Today I am going to   say something about the dressing up of women, employed in corporate sectors, where a neat and fit dress up is very important. A good sense of outfit maintain a good equation of style and dignity.

When the question of western look or outfit comes, there some questions also arise for formal wear at corporate sectors.  What could be actually formal for a women engaged in the field? What should be the cut, colour, glossiness or collar line or proper footwear and lots more like this.

    • Women,engaged in business sector wants to wear casual, may choose a short sleeved or sleeveless light coloured top and a skirt of deep colour. But the neckline of the skirt must not dip. But if it is a matter of formal office wear, one may wear top and skirt with short sleeve. Keep in mind about the neckline of the top. It must not lower than 2-3 inches from your collar bone. Definitely the skirt must be fit and at the knee lever, or you may cut it maximum one inch above your knee level.If you are wearing a sheer top then you may put on a jacket too.
    • If you opt for a dignified look you may choose obviously a power suit. A suit may provide you a dignified and modern and confident look. When you wear a suit, the shoulder of that suit remain fixed and spread which gives you a matured look behind the desk. The suit must be slim fit and deep in colour. If you are wearing a deep coloured suit, then wear a light coloured shirt inside. Here it is better to avoid any tie. Wear a silver chain watch instead of golden one.
  • A stripped or subtle coloured shirt or blouse with collar of three quarter sleeve and pant or skirt may also be chosen. Don’t use any pendent, glossy lipsticks for augmenting your look.
  • If you are thinking about a skirt and pant with large pattern of design then you must include a deep colour shirt. Never forget to toned down your outfit if you are going for a floral or patterned top with straight stripe.

colored shirt or blouse

  • Sometimes wearing of jeans is on high demand. While you are opting for this try to use a jacket of black colour or it may be substituted with a blazer. Here your hair must have a knot or it must be braided.
  • Always wear your clothes well ironed.While wearing skirt it is better to avoid socks or shoes or socks with kito or slipper. Though pumps are the best choice for the outfits with jeans and suit but wearing heels will suit best with top and skirt or with jeans and jacket. Using scarf with floral tops is also very trendy. Above all the style and get up of any clothes depend on the way you carry that on.
  • On the contrary those who are trying to distinguished with a casual look may apply other way to look good. Standing in front of mirror sometimes is insufficient to look perfect. Then who is there to help? Don’t worry. There are lots of fashion site that may help you to chose your best style of outfit what suits you. It is in your hand . These are such a cite that confidently dresses you up that you are looking. They save your burden ,worry , money and visiting of malls. You have to just log in to those sites and click on the proper bar and fill up your details and viola there. Then the style is all yours. No more need to shut you on trial room or peep on the mirrors to get your new top look and confidence.

With such style tips, will come back on any of the article of this category. Till then you change your style and look to be updated eith trends. In the next of this series coming back with tips for men. Thank you.

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