Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas special
Written by Pintu Maji

Finally the day of celebration has come after one whole year of waiting. This is a day of exchanging gifts among friends and  dear ones. But Christmas itself is an unique gift for us with the present of Jesus Christ as a saviour of the world. No other gift can equate this gift of God.Jingle all the merry bells to welcome and celebrate the day as the birth day of our loving Jesus Christ.Friends, first of all a merry Christmas to all of you. May Santa visit you with lots of gifts of happiness and love for the whole of the year. With the day of 25th December an old generous laughing figure on red coat with white fur having a huge bag strikes our mind. Who this Santa Claus is? Why does he bring gifts and for whom? Who started giving  gifts? I know these questions are very common and expected. So lets open the file of Santa.

Tradition of birthday:-

The day 25th December is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ. The tradition of celebrating a day started back on 25th December around 336 AD. Jesus is the dear son of God. God loves this world so much that He sends his son to this earth. Since the day of Jesus’ birthday the tradition of tradition of celebrating birthday and giving birthday gift started.

Tradition of birthday

Root of the tradition of birthday gift:-

It is believed that at the time of ones birth evil spirits surge round the new born to take the possession of the new born babe with its pious soul. By the gathering of people with gifts on their hand dissipate those evil spirits. Though this seems to be a Pagan beliefbut people of Christian belief in some part of the world practice this.

Who were the first gift giver:-

The tradition of giving gift on birthday started with the birth of Jesus. It is believed that when Jesus was born a cosmic ray filled the area of Jerusalem. By following that cosmic rays three wise men Balthasar, Gasper and Melchior came to Jesus Christ to give present on his birthday. These three were the first to present gift.

What were the first gifts:-

These three wise men from the west brought three things for Jesus. Those gifts were gold, frankincense  and myrrh. Frankincense is a perfumed stick used in worship. It symbolically presents Jesus worshiping. Gold is a symbol of kinship. It shows symbolically that Jesus was a king of kings. Myrrh is a liquid perfume used in coffins. It symbolically presented the idea that Jesus will die and suffer but spread like perfume to the whole of humane.

Who is Santa Claus:-

Saint Nicholas was a fourth century Greek bishop in Lycia of Turkeywho is also known as father Christmas or in short Santa. He was known for his generous and kind nature and also famous for giving gifts to the good children. After the death of St. Nicholas in 1087 his body is buried in Italy. The Italian city Bari mounted an expedition to locate the tomb of saint Nicholas or famous Santa.

Where Santa hide gifts:-

Santa hides the gifts for good natured children in many places. Sometimes it is seen inside shoes or stockings and sometimes it is seen hanging from Christmas tree. In most of the European country the custom of hiding gifts are on the shoes or boots, put on by the children. InItaly, UK or USA the gift is seen hidden inside the stockings hanging by the fire. Onthe other parts  the gifts are mostly seen to be present under the Christmas tree.

Gift to Santa:- What would happen if you come to see the real Santa? Would you ask for a gift or would you give him a gift? Now what would happen if it really happen or you come across Santa? When the name of Santa comes to hour mind you generally think about an old man with grown white beard , sometimes wearing a spectacles and red coat with white fur and a red cap on his head.

Do you have ever meet Santa? Will you be astonished if I say, you have the influence of a real Santa in your life whom you see everyday. But who is the Santa in our life? Who gives you gift knowingly and secretly every time? Whose bag is always filled with happiness for you? Whoseeyes wants to have a look at your smiling face? Yes you are right it is the word ‘father’ who is the answer of all the previous questions. It is father who acts like Santa, the bringer of happiness and precious gifts in your life. Fathers are the silent actor who plays a great role being silent and hidden in our life.It is father who always wants to fulfil all your wish and need with a smiling face just to keep you happy and smile. So from today replace the picture of Santa of your imaginative mind with that of your father, the Santa; real Santa. This Christmas give a beautiful gift to your Santawho is in the guise of your father with a warm hug and promise to love and accompany him throughout the life. Then obviously your Santa will be with eyeful of  tears of joy which is the best exchange of gifts for both here in this Christmas. Merry Christmas and advance Happy New Year to all. Enjoy.

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