New gateway for padmabati

New gateway for padmabati
Written by Pintu Maji

History is the witness that a book which is banned is sold most. This may well be applied toproducer director Sanjay Leela Vansali’s controversialhistorical film,Padmabati, which is in its highest controversy over a month or two before its release.Sanjay Leela Vansali’s endeavour to turnthe history of Rajpoot queen Padmavation the silver screen has been deferred by the stronga religious group and the Rajpoots throughout the country.

The more its release is being banned in various states, the more curiosity is growing among people. Though the proposed date of its release was fixed on 1st of December, but with the nearness of the date, the possibility seems very low making the whole team of Padmavati worried.


The story mainly highlights on the powerful and glorious reign of Rajpoot lead by wise and powerful queen Padmavati. The leading roleis played by the sensation of Tinsel town, Deepika Pudukone as the queen padmavati. Sahid kapoor is cast as the husband of padmabati and a very matured character of Alauddin khilji is played by Ranveer Sing.

Central Board of Film Certification(CBFC) has rejected the application for the green flag to release the film on the ground that the film is somehow incomplete and affect the sentiment of a particular group. Anurag srivastav, the CEO of central board has stated the point of rejection for the incompletion of disclaimer of the film. He added, ‘The disclaimer had not been mentioned by the makers. We need an official thing from the makers about what your stand on this actually is. It is to be put in an clear statement ,whether the film is based on a fiction or historical fact.’

With the passing of time, states throughout the country wanted to stay away from any controversy by putting a ban on the release of the film,on the issue of communal riot or the fall of law and order in the states. The list of states against the release of Padmavati is summing up day by day. Sibraj Chauhan of Madhya Pradesh, Bijay Rupani of Gujrat,Amrindar Sing Badal of Panjab are the names in the list who have waved red flag to the film. Plea for a stay order is demanded by National Conference leader Debendra Rami of Jammu &Kashmir to the chief minister Mehbooba Mufti.

Amid huge controversy a state has humbly declared its support to Sanjay Leela Vansali and his full team of padmavati. West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjeehas welcomed Vansali and his full crew in her state assuring full support for the premiere and release of Padmavati.

padmabati karni-sena

As a protestagainst the ban of the film , a 15 minute blackoutnamely, “Main Azaad Hoon?”, is declaredat Tinsel town to assist and stand by Sanjay Leela Vansali and his film Padmavati. More than five hundred people, Indian Film and Television Directors Association along with 19 other boards of televisionindustries are going to be a part of this protest. Associations like IMPPA,Western IndiaCinematographer’s Association, Screen Writers Associations, The Film and Televisions Producers Guild private limited, Stunt Artists , Association of Voice Artists etc. are the names to be included in this protest.The protest will occur at 3.30 pm tomorrow on 26th November. As a part of the protest all the shooting units will put off the lights and stop shooting from 4.15- 4.30 pm.

Now how powerful and potent gateway may ‘Mai Azaad Hoon’serve, is still to be seen with the coming of the next sun. We don’t know how the protest would unbox the key of box office, but the excitement and queer for the release of the film is certainly seen among the film lovers and the fans of Deepika, Ranveer and , Sahid.Readers you may send me your comments or write back your wish, whether you want to see the new look of Deepika as Padmavati or not ..?

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