Secrets to keep yourself happy

Secrets to keep yourself happy.
Written by Pintu Maji

How to be all time happy

Friends, happiness is such a jackpot that all of us desire to attain but few of us succeed to include in life in true sense. This is not a concrete object rather its abstract and can only be felt. It is not associated with the attainment of materialistic pleasure but it is the source of all pleasure and mental satisfaction. The definition of happiness is not same to everybody. It differs from person to person. Happiness may come with money, happiness may be associated with good way of living or happiness means fulfilment of wishes; may it be included with materialistic attainment. But what ever the source of happiness may be to you, the bearer is always your mind in all respects. To somebody, happiness is the other name of pleasure. May be. This pleasure may appear to you in various forms. Physical, mental, spiritual, and cosmic. In all these forms the attainment of the desired goal brings satisfaction which is again connected with your mind. So if you find out the secret of pleasing your mind, then all the days will be yours. In true sense, today I’m going to talk about the happiness of your mind, the mental peace or the peace of your inner self. There are few simple points which may keep you in control and lend you mental peace in an effective way.

  • Priority to that what you have:-Instead of worrying about the things which are lost, think about those which are with you or the prospects which are on the cards.
  • Do not find other’s error:- Never ever try to find out the errors of others, as none of us is perfect in this world. Whosoever claims to be perfect is obviously imperfect. So where the imperfection is certain, then why to find out the errors of others knowing yourself to be imperfect. Don’t forget that, when you point one finger to any one then rest of the four fingers are pointed towards you.
  • Avoid anger:- Don’t lose the inner peace of mind or soul from the anger of others. Try to get control over your anger. You know, anger affects the container more than that on which it is poured.
  • Blow with the wind:-It is better to follow the existing rules and norms of any place or institution than to dream about the changing of those rules and norms. It is just the same as blowing against the wind.
  • Stay away from arguments:- Keep in mind to remain away from unnecessary argument with others,instead of involving yourself in it. I have seen that most of the logical arguments often concludes in satirical argument.

  • Keep yourself busy:- Try to keep yourself busy in maximum. You know an empty brain is the address of devil’s house. If you keep yourself busy in various activities you will not get a time for silly base matters.
  • Be the you:- Avoid comparing yourself with others. Be the individual not the type. If you compare yourself all the time with others, your self determination or self esteem would be focused on them rather than you. If you really want a person to compare then a mirror could be the best solution for you.
  • Family comes first:- Think about your family more and more than thinking others. Charity begins at home. So thinking about your family is not selfish.
  • Self assessment:- At the end of the day just re evaluate yourself. Try to find out your mistakes and the virtues from your activities of the day. It would definitely prepare a good way for the next day.
  • Believe in God:- Keep faith on god. It doesn’t matter whether you are atheist or theist but keep faith on a supernatural power. It provides you a positive energy. God gives all of us a pure soul. He doesn’t want anything in return from us but the soul with its purity.
  • Simplify everything:- Try to simplify any matter. Never try to complicate any matter as that only makes your situation complicated.

So friends, I just try to share my view about the secret of keeping yourself happy in your daily life. Hope these could take a place in your prior list. On the eve of new year if you are thinking about some resolutions for yourself then these may not be too bad ideas. So if these really attract you then you may apply these as a trial pack for the remaining few days of the year before activate these in your lifetime recharge. With the hope your like and love thank you to all of you. Oh, Happy, happy new year with full of happiness in advance with the address of happiness for you all.

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