Sensors in android to sense your need

Sensors in android to sense your need
Written by Pintu Maji

Friends, with the advancement of science and technology  the accuracy, rapidity and auto response of any deviceis being developed. The time of manual instruction or any performance, based on any manual setting is backdated and not even on demand. The craze for automatic performance according to need is trendy and high on demand. Whenever you use  your mobile phone it performs few actions which are automatic as well as very necessary. These actions make your mobile experience better, easy and necessary. Now, how are these actions performed ? By whom are the command for auto action is directed. Certainly there are. The sensors, planted on your smart phone make your device smart and prompt.

These sensors are like sense organs of our body which may act automatically in accordance with the stimulants or circumstance. Now a days, merely in every smart phone the sensors are used. If you are aiming at any high budget phone then the more sensors will be there for your best phoning experience. But the use of all the sensors in a low budget or mid budget smart phone may not be common. So while you are aiming at buying a new smart phone don’t forget to keep in mind about the use of sensors in your new smartphone as these sensors actually make your phone smart in true sense. So lets start about various sensors and their activities.
1.Ambient light sensor:-it is a sensor that can measure the intensity of lightoutside, and response you accordingly. If it is dark outside, then the screen light automatically lowers down its brightness. On the other hand, when there is a huge light outside then the brightness of the screen increases automatically.

Ambient light sensor

It helps you by managing your battery back up in an efficient way and thus serve you a long battery back up. This sensor is also helpful for your eyes also. With the managing of the screen brightness it protects our eyes from deep and powerful light. This sensor is mostly present in high budget phones.

  1. Accelerometer sensor:- This sensor is found almost in every smart phone. It is a sensor that measures or identifies the movement of the screen and thus helps you either by giving portrait view or landscape view in your mobile.

This sensor helps to manage the view of screen as per your need . For a better gaming experience or to enjoy a video or a picture in its full view this sensor helps you the most.

  1. Proximity sensor:-This sensor is one of the most useful sensors that makes your smart phone smarter. It is placed at the top of your mobile display. It blacks out the screen light when the sensor comes in contact with your body ,only at the time of calling. It helps your mobile display to turn into sleep mood while you are calling any person. Once you keep the phone away from your body, the screen light automatically goes on.

This sensor helps you to manage any unwanted touch at the time of calling any person. Thus it stops you selecting any option unknowingly. This sensor do not work at the time of calling if the phone is on loudspeaker mood. The infra red light present in the sensor helps it to act properly. When this light gets reflected from your body, the screen light turns off and when it is not reflected the light remains on.

  1. Gyroscope sensor:- This is such a sensor that helps your phone to identify the axis,it is on. It confirms the direction of holding your phone. It is also known as compass sensor, as it can show you the north, south, east, west direction.

This sensor is found mainly in the high budget phones. With the use of this sensor, you can have the joy of 360 degree angleview or the videos ofvirtual reality.

  1. Magnetometer sensor:- This sensor works like that of the previous one and can alert you when your phone comes into the contact of any metal.

      6.Barometer sensor:-This sensor in your phone helps to determine and shows you the altitude, you are on. In a word, it notifies you about the location where your stand in respect to the sea level.

7.Fingerprint sensor:-This sensor works in such a way,so that it can provide you a secure and smart lock in your phone. The use of pattern lock or security lock is not so much in demand, as the place is beautifully replaced with fingerprint sensor. This sensor identifies the mark or prints of your finger and makes your phone available only with your touch of the finger.It is a biometric that keep your personal documents safe. It authenticates the identity of the user and makes it not easy to access the phone.

         8.Face lock ID sensor:-After the use of fingerprint sensor it has already been replaced by the face lock ID sensor. Apple has recently used this on their new   This detects the muscle of your face and open the lock after being confirmed of the same as registered. It is very much secure to keep your phone locked, until you want to unlock it.

9.Pedometer sensor:-This sensor helps to maintain not the fitness of your phone but that of yours. The sensor present in your phone can count the steps and manage your calories as per your liking.Thus for a better  health and fitness this sensor helps you a lot.

10.Air humidity sensor:-This is not a sensor in true sense. It works like an application and helps to inform you the humidity present in the air. It actually forecasts the weather or condition of the day to come.

      11.Radiation sensor:-The use of this sensor is very limited and has not been applied to most of the smart phones. It can accurately measure the presence of harmful radians and gases present in the air.

Friends, these are the few of the important points about sensors that may help to sense you to chose a smartphone according to your need and choice. Hope this will help you to develop a sense about sensors. Thank you.

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