Top 10 haunted place in India

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Written by Pintu Maji

Certain things and their existence are always a matter of interest being mysterious and unsolving. One of such things is haunted place which are full of folk stories and mysteries. Interest and liking differs from person to person. It is solely dependent on ones liking and disliking. Attraction for natural beauty is very common to all. There are a few who are not interested in the common. For them an uncommon destination is always in the priority list. A good haunted place may serve to satisfy their need. It is the haunted place that haunts them. Todays article is for those who likes an adventurous and exciting destination.India is rich incultural heritage. The country is full of natural variations and wonderful architecture.But if your greedy eyes are waiting to encounter those places which are hunting you then the wait comes to an end. Certain places in India is rumoured to be haunted. Lets see. But shhh…silent.

  • National Library(Kolkata) :-The national library of Kolkata, a store house of rare books and journals, is notorious for the presence of ghost and unsatisfied soul. As per rumour at night you can hear the sound of footstep of women. It is also heard about the apparitions who faint and appear at night. As history says this library was once the address of the then lieutenant governor of Bengal. It is believed that the family of governor still exist here. Even the girds are afraid to take the night shift duty.

National Library (Kolkata)

  • Dow hill of kurseong(West Bengal) :- It is a hill station above Darjeeling. There is a valley called Dow where a number of boarding schools are running. Local people and some of the boarding staff and the local woodcutters have been reported to hear some uncanny and odd sounds and footsteps on the open corridor of these school at vacation time. People also have the experience of encounter headless boys walking there.

Dow hill of kurseong (West Bengal)

  • Prince’s Ghat (Kolkata) :- If you like solitariness and silence then Prince’s Ghat of Kolkata may be your answer. But be cautious you may be awakened from your trance by some spooky and shadowy figure. Yes as per rumour this place is rumoured to be the dwelling place of ghosts. It is also believed that once you enter and spend time alone then you may be chased by ghosts from behind the pillars.

Prince’s Ghat (Kolkata)

  • South Park Street Cemetery (Kolkata):- Nothing can be more haunted than a cemetery. So naturally the Park Street Cemetery of Kolkata is counted among those places known as haunted place. In 1767 this cemetery was built and was the burial place for British soldiers.

    Foggy uncanny shadowy figures have been encountered by a good number of people here. If you dare to go then go at your own

South Park Street Cemetery (Kolkata)

  • Three Kings Church (Goa) :-It is a spot situated at Cansaulim of Goa. The spot is believed to be haunted by the ominous spirit of three kings. As per history a powerful king conspired to kill two kings by poisoning them and afterward he himself killed in the same way out of guilt. Since then the place is bearing the name of haunted place.

  • Bhangar Fort Fort( Rajasthan) :- This is such a place which is even restricted by the Archaeological Survey Of India by putting on a notice board that reads to specify the visiting time only at day time.You can visit the place after the rising of the sun and before the setting of the sun. As per the folk or myth a black magician (tantrik) fell in love with a princess of the fort. He wished to have her by applying black magic. But ironically he died because of the black magic. Since then his unsatisfied soul don’t allow anyone to spend time at night. People believe inan uncanny and supernatural happening associated with the fort. People have gone mysteriously missing spending hours in the fort.

Bhangar Fort Fort( Rajasthan)

  • Dumas Beach (Gujrat) :- This beach is located at 20 km southwest to Surat. This beach is a place where Hindus are cremated. The place is rumoured with buzz of the locals that whispering sound of unsatisfied souls are heard with uncanny sounds. The sounds, as per report, says the travellers to return back to home.  Even the dogs behave in an different way as soon  as they come to the beach.

Dumas Beach (Gujrat)

  • Shaniwarwada fort (Pune) :-The story of a teenager prince goes around the Punefort area. People claim to hear the words ‘uncle save me’ around the fort. As history says a teen prince was brutally assassinated by his uncle andhe was running around the fort shouting the same words. The words still reverberated on the walls of fort.

Shaniwarwada fort (Pune)

  • Tunnel no 33 (Himachal Pradesh) :- Tunnel no 33 often known as 103 is acquired the reputation of haunted. The name itself is enough to create a horrific sensation on your mind. This is a tunnel thatcomes in Shimla-Kalka railway route. It is believed that the friendly ghost of colonel Barog search people to pass his time with chit chat.

Tunnel no 33 (Himachal Pradesh)

  • Ramoji Film city (Hyderabad) :- The famous Ramoji Film City is also one of the places where people witnessed unnatural activities and sounds. They say that at night the knocking at door is often heard though there was nobody outside.

Ramoji Film city (Hyderabad)

  • Other than these, there are also GP Block ay Meerut, Agrasen ki Baoli at Delhi, Grand Paradise Tower, Mumbai and lots other are there to enlarge the list. Now if you are strong enough mentally and physically then you may have the first hand experience of these places at your own risk and peril. May be that fortunately you come across any historical figure of your dream. Invitation is always on if you really dare.

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