Artificial intelligence part 1.

Written by Pintu Maji

artificial intelligence

The day is not far away when the universe will be ruled by machines and robots or you will be under the rule of a machine.On the contrary this might be a fruitful future for you to get all the things and works executed by the robots. From the very beginning the credit of being the most and developed species is retained by human. This credit is now endangered with the creation and application of artificial intelligence that tends to lend machines and robots with the exceptional boon of nature,i.e intelligence .The term artificial intelligence,as coined by John Mccarthy in the year 1955 at Dartmouth conference, is the unnatural or man made ability to think, act or execute properly by a machine similar to human being.To Jack Copeland, a renowned author and researcher in this field, this AI comes mainly in terms of -1) Recognition of persons. 2) ability to analyse the situation or environment. 3) A problem solving ability. 4) Understanding of language based on syntax. Under this Artificial Intelligence there comes deep learning and machine learning also. This works as an expert system which can employ human knowledge in a computer to solve a problem which generally requires a human expertise. This works with a knowledge database stored in the memory of a computer.

  • Base subjects:- There is a constant effort over the topic to develop from the urge to make ourselves gifted with mechanic and non human aid. This is an effort to make the application of artificial intelligence on the purpose to think, execute and perform similar to a man or better than human being. As per the basics of AI it evolves from four root forms of subjects that holds the need and idea of AI.





Linguistic helps to understand and differentiate the various languages. Mathematics is to cater the need of solving problems. Psychology is to differentiate the difference of situations and to recognise the environment. Philosophy may be on the application of recognise and differentiate human being or a living or non living figure.Artificial-Intelligence-AI-larger-graphic robot

  • Four characteristics:- The process of developing the artificial  Intelligence is being developed keeping four aspects or characteristics for the better service and efficiency. They are ●Thinkinghumanly. ● Acting humanly. ● Thinking rationally. ● Acting rationally.

In true sense the aim is hinted at giving it a uniformity with the logical reasoning and thinking power of a human being or more than a human being.

Differences between machine learning and deep learning:- Machine learning is a part of artificial intelligence that enables computers with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. A deep learning is to make the output efficient. In short machine learning is based on a limited area where as deep learning makes that limited area expand and open.

How it works:- The matter of artificial learning is completed with the same process as the process of human learning. At first dendrites receives signals from other neurons.The basic unit of our brain is brain cells or neurons. Cell body sums up all the inputs. A message is passed through axon to other brain cells that works through the multiple neurons network. Similarly the command or multiple inputs receives through perceptron with the use of transforms to give output or perform action.

The aspects of artificial intelligence:-

  • Randomness and creative ability.
  • Stimulation for higher function of human brain.
  • To use a language set a programming system.
  • Self improvement
  • Using of hypothetical neurons to act with high concept
  • Dealing with ideas rather than concepts

Use of A.I :- This is on the progress to make machine of computers or robots more human like. The application of the concept is useful in day to day life from medical to traffic or from driving to caring and what not?

Now we have to wait with our natural intelligence to see the magic and capability of artificial intelligence till it comes with its full impact. May be then, we will be too dull for robots to think over a robot about their utilities  and activities in comparison to us. Whatever may that be,I know you are still eager for the day to come when you even need not to think over any matter as you are thinking now.

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