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Friends, if you have a smart phone then you always think about installing softwares from playstore or from other sources. There are lots of apps that actually helps you to make your phoning experience better and accessible. Along with the softwares there are few gazettes that really work as hardware and are helpful and advantageous for you. Today I am going to write about few gazettes that will really be useful to make your smart phone work in a better way.These gazettes are mobile friendly as well as wallet friendly. I hope you will really like these gazettes after having an experience. Though there are lots of such gazettes still to me these are little bit different and economical for you friends.

Laser keyboard:-

This is really a smart gazette that will really make your input method easy and more exciting. It will help you to operate your smart phone with a virtual keyboard by projecting a laser keyboard with the use of laser light. The LCD laser light generates a hologram that shows the typing board of your mobile phone with the projection on table or board. The infrared light present at the bottom detect your correct typing.


Wonder cube:-

This is called wonder cube as it comes in a cubic shape and meets your multipurpose needs wonderfully. You can use this gazette for multipurpose use. This can be used as a micro SD card reader and can be used to transport data to other storage easily. This is also helpful to make it your power bank. By attaching a 9 volt battery you can recharge your smart phone adding a data cable. It can also be used as a flashlight. You may even use it as a phone stand.

Spy wireless earphone :-

This cool gazette is very much handy and useful. It is very small in size that is easily adapted with your ear hole. Connected with the use of Bluetooththis wireless gazette can be used in multipurpose. You can play or pause or you may receive a call without looking at your phone as it alert you with the voice about the number or name of the caller. A small button on it is used for multipurpose controlling.

Wireless Spy Earphone

Ethernet adaptor:-

This is such a gazette that can protect your privacy by allowing you to carry on internet browsing even in flight mood in your smartphone. By using an OTG to connect with a ethernet wire you can carry on the service in your smartphone.

Ethernet Adapter

2600 mAh 299 power bank:-

Those who want a low budget and mini power bank may opt for this gazette. You can get this power bank and a charging cable  to boost up your mobile charge. A 3000 mAh battery can be charged up to 65% with in an hour. This gazette comes in around 300 rupees or in 5 dollar.

Power Bank

All these gazettes are very useful and necessary. Hope these cool gazettes will make your mobile experience better and enjoyable. These gazettes are easily  available in various online shopping sites. You may try these at least  once. And don’t forget to write me back how do you feel or what is your experience on these gazettes after using these.

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