Don’t just grow up be matured

Don’t just grow up be matured
Written by Pintu Maji

Friends, what is your conception about maturity? I don’t know. It may vary from person to person. You may say, maturity means to attain a particular age. You may say, maturity means growing up or to be adult.Or to you, maturity may be the presence of grey hairs on head. Are these all? Or is there anything else that may be labelled as a mark of maturity?Will you agree with me, if I say, maturity not only comes from physical growth, but it also associates with the growth or development of our mind in a greater sense.Since our childhood we have fantasies about the days when we will grow up to be a part of the adult citizens. This is just a process which is completed with the passing of the time. This can never be stopped or accelerated  anyhow by our desire. Growth of body is a continuous and a steady process which every living being go through for a certain period of time. But few of us spend the whole life without attaining maturity in true sense; I mean with out the growth and ripeness of mind. This maturity of mind is solely dependent  on our mental make up and the understanding of situations in our life. I am not talking about any particular field or any fixed area of showing maturity, rather I am talking about the all round introspect of life which may term you as matured. As an example,one may introduce his or her age by saying that, ‘ I’m 30 years old’. This number may be introduced alternatively by saying that, ‘ I’m 20 years old with 10 years of experience’.  Now which quote seems more matured to you? Your answer would obviously be the second one. Biologically our body stops growing after a certain age. If it is so, then why to count up the digits to make your age heavy? Instead of giving your age the burden of digits, you crown it with the feather of experience and maturity. This is not an easy task to attain maturity with out attaining a progressed digit. But there are few points or idea in my mind that may lend you maturity if you apply it on you. Most importantly, those who are attracted by the heading of this article ,are matured enough to feel my points. You know, understanding is for all, but feeling is only for matured.

  • Maintain the serenity of mind:- Its an important thing to maintain serenity of mind. When you feel that nothing unimportant things or chit chat of useless thing bother you, then consider it as a part of maturity. I have leant a lesson from one of my friends,not to

Maintain the serenity of mind

destroy the calmness and serenity of mind for other? When no trivial matters make you disturbed, then you feel that you are matured.

  • You are the source of your happiness:- Definitely, you may consider yourself matured when you can feel that true happiness is not attainable from others or any material objects rather it is your good and pure sole-self that is the ceaseless source of illimitable happiness. In simple your happiness doesn’t depend on other. Be the one to serve happiness to others instead of searching happiness from others.

You are the source of your happiness

  • Consider brain more than heart:- Impulsiveness and emotion are the words which are spammed in the dictionary of matured people. When your insight and the voice of brain can overcome your beating of heart then there is no doubt that you are not immature.
  • Acceptance of practicality:- only a mature can accept reality and practicality, may be it in your favour or against your desire, in true spirit. Reality may not be in favour of you or it may not be as you wished. Whether you like it or not night is followed by light. So its wise as well as a sign of maturity to welcome and accept the reality far from the imagination and fantasy.
  • Forgiveness:- Its easy to write the word than to apply it. This is such a virtue which is to be seen only on those who are mentally and spiritually matured. If you may apply it in your life or can forgive others in n spite of their ills against you then you definitely displaying a sign of maturity.
  • Never force love:- Its a great realization as a indicator of maturity to understand that everything but love in this world is attainable by force. When you don’t force to carry on any relation or covet love from anyone you are matured enough to understand the meaning of life and relationship. No force ever can create cordiality or spontaneity of love or any relation. When the feelings are not spontaneous like the broken roots there how can a love grow like a tree with out its roots?
  • Power of judgement:- A mature man will never judge a book by its cover. It is his or her power to observe a matter to come to a conclusion. So if you come to the conclusion of any matter or can judge anything easily , don’t consider it as your maturity rather its your immaturity that makes you think so.

Power of judgement

  • Be the silent listener first:- If you can refrain yourself from silly nonsense talking than to engage in useless arguments and discourse then it is nothing but your maturity. A matured person hears more and speaks less.
  • Stay away from provocation:-An individual with self power and self restriction can avoid any Sorts of provocation. It is an example of maturity that build in you a power to reflect all the odds and ills instead of absorb those within you. So those who can avoid any provocation are not only wise but also matured as maturity is also one kind of wisdom.

Anyway , if any of you are asked a  simple question ,which was answered almost by all of you in your childhood, ‘what do you want to be in future’? I suppose , obviously the answer will be changed from the answer of your childhood with ,‘ I want to be a child again’. I suppose it is obviously an answer from a wise and matured person like you. What do you think friends? Will not you like to be a child again? Come to my comment box to share your view. Thank you.

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