Feet to follow the feat

Feet to follow the feat
Written by Pintu Maji

Friends, life is a long journey,that ends only with an eternal sleep. It is really amazing to think how awkward is it to live thousands of days only to die for one day. But what is to be done? we have no alternative left for us or no shortcut to reach the final day of our life. In the long journey of our life sometimes we need to take stern decision beyond our limit or beyond our reach. It is not uncommon to take the path of others in our way of life to smooth the roughness of the path of our life. But do you feel the necessity of following other every time? Or is it always correct to follow other with out seeking help from your self. Sometimes we lose our own wit,  intelligent and decision powerand seek help from others. But don’t just follow other with out considering your capabilities, qualities  and limitations.  Let me share a story…

Once there was an educated man in a village.The man had lost his eyesight in an accident. He became hopeless and worried. He could not understand what to do to survive throughout his rest of the life. All day long he thought about his loss of eyesight.  He had concentrated on what he had lost, rather than to concentrate on what he had, i,e his education and logical power. He desperately sought help from other. Fortune favoured him soon. Once the man was consoled by an other man, who agreed to accompany him throughout his life. They both discussed about the way to find out a means of livelihood. The man suggested the blind man to have the means of begging for their livelihood. They started begging in the village. But they had got a new idea of begging in the nearby town in the expectation of more money. When the blind man  expressed his doubt how to come back in the dark of night, the man assured him to accompany him with the torch at night. So at night the blind man was returning  home in the expectation of coming back safely with the help of the man. Then suddenly they fell into the saline water of a lake. The blind man became worried and wanted to know where are they. He also wanted to know from the man, the reason of falling into the water in spite of his eye sight. The man remained silent in the fear of confessing his blindness. He only answered the blind man that they have fallen on the deep sea as assumed by the saline water of the lake.The blind man had blindly believed on him considering hid drawbacks of eyesight. He had put full faith on the other man with out believing a least on his own knowledge and reasoning power. He had not only lost his eyesight but also his reasoning power too. Then both of them became hopeless and discarded all hope of getting out of the sea. So both of them died. The secret which the blind man could not understand that whom he was following was not only without eye sight but also without any reasoning.

These things are also continually happening to us. Before taking any decision, we should evaluate our own power and limitation rather than to depend fully on other. As the blind man fully became dependant on other without believing least on himself so he had to made the penalty in the form of his life. As one blind person can never dictate another bind person, the correct way, similarly if we seek help form any person who is not fit to give a solution then our defeat is certain. A torch in the hand of a blind is useless in the same way of enjoying power by an inefficient person. As both of them discarded all hope of life in spite of falling on a lake; in the same way we may be defeated by the burden of any situation without considering the gravity and seriousness of the problem.So friends, do not say no before you well judge yourself and your power as none is better than you to understand you. In the journey of life stones would obviously come but it is up to us whether to turn the stones into hindering blocks or to make them a stepping stone for the way to success. Now it is up to you to direct your feet towards the feat of others or to explore yourself in a new way to bring forth the new and the hidden. With the hope of your good self, thank you to all my friends.

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Pintu Maji

Pintu Maji is the chief author and the co founder of the domain. He is an M.A in English literature and at present is in teaching profession. He is here to share his views experience and knowledge on those topics , he is experienced with. He is skilled at team management and man study and their behaviors. Likes to read books and sing songs and of course blogging.Making new friends is his hobby. Here his goal is to share his little knowledge , he has and to meet your needs and make you happy.


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