Few common things we do in an uncommon way

Few common things we do in an uncommon way
Written by Pintu Maji

From the twinkling of the alarm in the morning to the alluring summon of our cosy bed at night we have to carry on few things or activities, that we can not shun in our daily life. These have become a part of our daily life or common activities. It is seen that we perform a few of these common things in an uncommon way which we even don’t know. Sometimes these activities become dangerous, harmful or ridiculous.So if you don’t want to be ridiculed or endangered or cause harm to you or to your near ones then you must read this one. Now I am going to explain my points one be one with their alternative way to act make you smart; oh sorry ,smarter, as you are smart enough to read me.

The first error merely all of us do is very common. Immediately after getting up in the morning we just rush towards washing room or started thinking about the assignment of the day. Stop. You are on a wrong turn. Thinking why? It harms your mind and the rest of the day too. Throughout the night our brain and muscles remain relaxed and inactive. So immediate after getting up when you started thinking, it creates a sudden pressure on your brain and muscles or you compel your brain to do so.In this way you are making harm to your body and mind.

What to do:-

Nothing more. Don’t hurry and worry. First off all you just sit down on your couch or bed and close your eyes. Now feel your heart beat or your breathing for one minute. Then have deep breathing for another minute. It gives your brain and body to have time for the action, like restarting your handset for better performance. It has two benefits.  1》provides  your brain with a good flow of fresh oxygen. 2》Increases your concentration power and patience.

People nowadays are becoming more and more health conscious.It’s a good sign. But I have seen people jumping out of bed to the exercise mat to show their fitness and promptness. Doing the practice of exercising daily?  But do you know you are only causing harm to your health unconsciously? Stop doing this. I mean to say stop doing this practice in wrong way. What you do is just going to the exercise mat immediately after waking up from bed without answering to the call of nature (going to the washroom or lavatory in the morning). So avoid doing this, as this is really harmful to your body or health.This practice affects your digestive system.

What to do:-

you know what to do. I am just trying to remind you. Wake up in the morning and then drink a glass of mild warm water. It inspires or stimulates your nervous system and plays a  vital role in solving the problem of constipation. Not only that it also direct your way to the toilet easily and emptied your rectum that prepares you fully for the exercise which is safe and scientific.

With the fast fleeting of time our food habit is constantly changing.Along with that on the other hand we are having good habits like including of green salad in our menu. That’s  good. But  it could be better if you change your habit a bit. Generally, individuals like to eat salad or they are habituated with taking it at the beginning of their meal or dinner.I don’t say it is bad or not beneficial for health; but it could also help you in good digestion and weight control.

What to do:-

My suggestion is that take a little bit of salad at the beginning and the rest of the salad at the end of your meal or dinner. How it works? Simple. If you take it t the beginning then it helps in your diet control policy and indirectly manage your weight. On the other hand when you take it also at the end it proves to be helpful in your digestion. So it is smart enough to find two benefits out of one bowl of salad.

A common picture of school boy or girl,  holding it’s mother’s hand is not uncommon to be seen by any of us. Parents do so for the safety of their deer ones. But the safety is cracked sometimes for the common practice. Now note the common practice. We all are accustomed to do any work or feel

comfortable at any work with our right hand (except few who use left hand more). So generally there is no exception in that case. Parents hold the children on their right hand and start walking through the road, as you know footpath are meant as if for hawkers or for the  promoters. Here you make the mistake and keep your child in an unsafe position; where as it should have been the opposite. While you hold your child on your right hand, there he is on the unsafe side ,because the vehicles are passing by the child, not by you. Now you know how unfair it’s effect could be. Lets forget about it because nothing of this short is going to happen. You are going to be changed after reading my article.

What to do:-

Change your habit or hand ,with which you are holding your child. Hold your child in your left hand and keep him on the safe side. My personal view for the walkers on the road is that walk by the right side. Here you can face the vehicles coming towards you rather than coming from the back side. It gives you a chance to keep yourself safe.

With the hope of your love I shall come back on some other article with such uncommon articles for common problems.

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