Food habit for giving a better start in the morning

Written by Pintu Maji

There is a saying, “Morning shows the day”. It means the beginning determines the ultimate.This is applicable everywhere. It is also applicable to your habit of taking food in the morning also. It makes sure how your health will be for the day and how the future would be if you follow a regular practice. Yes friends , today I am going to write on food habit. Now its such a habit that is really lucrative. Thishabit is really liked  and enjoyed nearly all of us. What is a habit? Habits are long practiced work or activity which are hard to change and easy to repeat or follow. And when the matter of food habit is concerned it goes more with the previous sentence. This is a pivotal habit that plays a vital role to control heath, fitness, and stamina. One thing we must keep in mind that the more tasty the food is the more harmful it is. Who doesn’t like a tasty dish full with spice or a bottle of energy drink or snacks? The answer is everybody. From the breaking of day to the meeting at dining we spend a lot of time with food. Taking of food is not always good for your health. Sometimes we prefer food or food stuff which are not at all healthy but affective on the contrary. There are few food habits which affect your health which are really needed to be changed.

Water:- most of the people are habituated to have bed tea at the very beginning of the day. Start your day with a glass of water. But if it is light warm then the result is increased. It prepares you fully for the day. Even research revealed that it increases the efficiency of your brain, muscle and the nervous system. So better replace the bed tea with bed water.

Tea:- Taking tea in the morning is so common as if a day without it seems incomplete.A cup of red tea is not a bad idea but it is the best idea to have a cup of green tea. Green tea is full of anti oxidant and thus provides you a cholesterol free energetic beginning. Green tea is helpful for the betterment of your skin, stomach and heart. But people in a large number prefer to add milk with the liquor which is no less harmful than adding  poison. So cast aside the poison as soon as possible.

Breakfast:- At the breakfast table you sometimes include such food which are really good but not fit or useful to be included in your breakfast. There is a long list. Always select the one which is best for you. They may be as such.

  • Pastry / Bread – Always go with unleavened bread. Pastries include yeast in a large amount and thus irritates or cause lining to your stomach. But a bread is very easy to digest and an instant source of carbohydrate and energy.
  • Fruits / Nuts –Fruits are good for health and prevent diseases. But they can lead you to diseases also if they are not taken in proper time. In the morning prefer to have nuts instead of fruits, specially citrus fruits. These contains citric acid and thus increases the possibilities of gastriatis or ulcers in your stomach. But nut are full in fibre andvitamins. They help in better digestion and normalise acidity level.
  • Sweet jam / Honey –Instead of any sweet thing ,apply honey for a better effect and health. Intaking of sweet in the morning is not less than inviting diabetes. But honey provides you energy and also is helpful in the better performance of brain.
  • Fry and spicy food / germinated gram and wheat –Fry and spicy food cause a sort of irritation in your stomach and produce acid in high amount causing acidity. There a germinated corm is full of vitamin E and thus helpful for you.
  • Cereals / Oats – It is better to opt oats than to regular cereals in your breakfast. Cereals are high in calories where as oats are of low calorie. Oats protects mucous membrane and so it’s helpful for the health of your stomach.
  • Energy drink / milk- People have a misconception that energy drinks provides constant and unlimited energy. But as a fact it worsen your energy level indirectly. When you consume any energy drink, instantly the caffeine present in the drink enters your blood vessels and stimulates your heart beat and nervous system. This caffeine also increase the performance of nerves and thus you feel energetic. When all the caffeine is absorbed then the liver pumps sugar into blood causing lack of energy. But after one hour passes this effect fades away and then you feel sluggish and lathergetic. It causes irritation, headache and even constipation. But a glass of milk gives you energy full of protein, calcium and what not? So now opt out of these two.

Now if you want to have a key of a good health  fit physique and age without any disease then you must prefer opting the behavior of the good food habit. One thing, things which are tasty are not good for health and those which are good for health are tasteless. Now here choice is up to you whether to opt taste or health. One tag at last, ‘eat little stay healthy’

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