Head transplant ; an Imagination or a reality…?

Head Transplant
Written by Pintu Maji

A step towards achieving immortality is gained with the unbelievable efficiency and skill of an Italian Neurosurgeon here on Friday 17th November2017. Friends, you have certainly heard of the important organ transplantation like heart, kidney, lungs, eyes, or even of hair, in our body. But what is this? Is this possible? Right now you are thinking of the heading? Don’t think so much, as the answer is yes. Yes it’s a reality, not an imagination. The progress of medical science has become so advanced that it is not impossible to transplant a head of a person on others body.  The incident of human head transplant has been successfully done by Italian Neurosurgeon Dr. Sergio Canaver. It has added a new feather on the crown of medical science. According to Dr. Canaver he idea of has been under his consideration since 1982. In the year 2013 he published a protocol with the name ‘Heaven’ on the basis of his theory research and dream of head transplant on human. The doctor has gained his confidence by applying his research first on a mouse.

A good number of advanced countries had denied earlier the possibilities and the implication of the exceptional study of this gifted student of Turin University in its prime level. Finally the dream of this controversial doctor came true with the assistance of China at Harbin Medical University. According to Dr. Sergio this operation process took 18 hours to complete. Our head id the CPU of central nervous system and our spine is one of the inseparable parts of this nervous system. Both work on a good co-operation and combination with the aid of thousands of nerves. So separation of the both means the separation of life or sense from body. A spine injury or spine damage may send you to coma permanently,    even it may kill you. When a spine is broken it receives a force of 26K Newton of force, which provides an incurable brain death or hibernation. This injury often leads a patient towards an incurable situation. But this initiative may be a lifeline for them.  So let’s see how it works.


The process of head transplant needs two human bodies. One must be with a brain in good condition whereas the other must have a well conditioned body having no organic problem or disorder. Before the operation start both of the bodies are cooled down for the blood flow to stop and to prevent the brain cells from dying. Then, a very sharp blade that apply only 10Newton of force, is used to cut the reed of spine. Because of the sharpness of the blade, it produces a very low force on the spine without any harm or injury for future. When the neck is cut tubes are connected with the arteries and veins. Now the head is moved to the other body and the spinal cord is fused with polyethylene glycol glue. Muscles and other organs are reattached and the skin is stitched. At the last step the newly transplanted body is kept on a month of coma. The total cost of such a surgery would worth you approximately 10 million Euro, or 13 million Dollar as declared by source which is beyond the reach of common.

Now a good question is obviously knocking at the reader’s mind. Who would control the new born figure, body or brain? Will the new body possess the quality and characteristics of the head or those of the body? Will the memory of the new configuration be restored or be lost? These doubts are still translucent. It is expected that the new construction would behave or hold the characteristics and personality as like the same of that of head owner. But the questions would best be answered by the time. Now for that we have to wait; but you don’t wait to write me back your valuable suggestion or comments. Waiting for your reply.

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