How to keep in mind the things, which we generally forget.

How to keep in mind the things, which we generally forget.
Written by Pintu Maji

>>‘Slow but steady wins the race’. I suppose it should be replaced with ‘fast and smart wins the race’. Friends, in the fast fleeting of time we are not enjoying the time, rather time is enjoying our busy schedule. We are bound within the limited radius of the clock. So to maintain or remember the important things ,we often forget minor things, which are not actually minor.

It’s a common problem of remembering the small things or an important date or incidents, in spite of our effort. Sometimes this forgetfulness engage your busy schedule, making you some Uncle Podger or so.Very Common incidents of not finding keys of car or bike or may it be your wallet or mobile phone in silent mood, is not uncommon to any of us. The problem is that, none of these above mentioned things have the ability to respond you in your need. This may be because of short term memory or our inability to remember things which we don’t consider significant.Now going for a medical consultancy is always open for you. But you can be the doctor of your own very easily. There are few simple tricks which may be a healing doze of your problem.

Can you remember Robert Lynd? If you can’t or not familiar to the name ,then no problem. I am citing the name only to make you remind his thinking, which reads as -people generally forgets those things which they want to forget.Now you think that it is not applicable to you. Wrong; you are not an exception so far I think. You just forget ,when you ignore the importance of the same at that moment. Can’t understand?Let me make it clear.

Suppose you are enjoying any programme in your television set and at that moment an important call comes to you. Now in your one hand there is remote and on the other the mobile. In the course of talking you just forget about the remote and keep it anywhere, as at that time your mobile was more important to you than the remote which was very important only a moment ago. But once you disconnect the call then again your remote becomes more important than the mobile which was just a moment ago important. You now can’t find the remote out as you fail to remember where you keep it a moment ago. Hope this type of incidents are very familiar to all of you. You can understand how the remote and mobile switches their importance according to your necessity. Thinking about the solution of these kind of mistakes or some like this? Here they are..

Whenever you place any important things like, mobile, laptop ,keys, wallet,  purse or important file,then you keep the thing anywhere unconsciously. Here my suggestion to you is that, just repeat it twice or thrice by saying like that ,’ I am keeping my wallet on the drawer of my dressing table or so.’By saying that you are giving a message to your brain. Now the message is stored in your sub conscious mind. Again when you need the particular thing then the message from sub conscious mind would pass the message to your conscious mind, and you can easily remember the thing, which you want to find out.

Another common problem comes with the difficulty in remembering the important dates. We generally forget important dates or event. In that case you have to repeat the date to remember in an way, which is very easy. Suppose you want to remember the date 26thJuly. Now you have to utter it by saying ‘two -six -twenty six of July. Or two -six -seven, at least twice or thrice. You may make it more useful for you if you can write it once. It means I want to say that , inform your brain with the move ,you are on. Try the tricks; and of course write back me with your suggestion or reaction. Hope it will work to find the things out in the way as you find me out.


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