How to Put off your weight

How to Put off your weight
Written by Pintu Maji

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What a contrast friend! Merely all the people throughout the world are in trouble regarding their health and fitness.No one is happy with his or her health. Its not the contrast. The contrast is that, a groupis in search of food where another groupison their effort to keep themselves away from food. A good number of people are starving day by day even today. They are struggling hard to fill their stomach with a solid stuff. There a trend to starve or avoiding food is very common for a group of people. Either youput on your weight or put off your weight that is up to you. If you are thinking of putting off your weight then you must follow all possible steps like dieting, exercising, burning calories or spending hours in gym.Though lots of products are there which claim to reduce your weight overnight, but as a matter of fact they fail to fulfil their promise. I am not claiming so but the ways may direct your way to lose your weight.

Change your habit first:-  Before you lose your weight lose your old habit. Look, it is very important to change your habit first to get the desired result. With out your hard effort you can never get a flat belly . Three things are to be deleted from your life . First is comfort and the second is craze fortasty food. Third is sleep. If you love comfort then you cant think of hard work out. If you love tasty food you can not keep your food limit in bound. If you love sleep you can not think of an active life. Now if you sum up my points the gist as it comes is that you have to minimize the creed for comfort, food and sleep. All of the three are responsible to grow weight or fat in your body.If you really wants a slim fit build up then…

 Fight against Comfort-

  1. The best way to fight against comfort starts with your early rising up in the morning. Get up early in the morning. You may take break from your regular routine once a week. It will energise you throughout the rest of the days.
  2. Warm up your body prior to exercise by doing squats, body bending, neck and knee warm up and swinging of hand and legs.
  3. The next step is to take regular exercise twice in a day. There are few exercises which may help you a lot. You may include the exercises like, push up, jump with knees to the chest, jump squat in sumo position, jump forward on to the box , arching, sit up etc. ( on the next article I shall discuss about the ways and steps about these exercicises)

  4. Walk at least for 15 minutes after meal or dinner. Do t go to the rest or bed immediately after washing your hand.
  5. Use cycle or walk for short distance . Avoid using lift or escalator. Use stair.
  6. Keep the continuity of work instead of doing that all in a hurry.
  7. Do that right then as soon as you get an idea without wasting your time.
  8. If possible swim at least for 10 minutes as a gist of all the above mentioned.

Fight against food-

  1. In short change your food habit. Include in your diet chart protein more than fat. Eat green salad, cucumber, carrot, fruits, and oats with fibre.
  2. Intake more water daily as it consumes your hunger.
  3. Eat in every 3 hours rather than making your stomach a store house of food for 6 hours.
  4. Increase the frequency of intaking food than the quantity.
  5. Take a bottle of honey and dip the garlic bits without taking out their peels into the bottle. Let those remainat least for minimum 24 hours to maximum of 7 fays. Now take a glass of warm water and squeeze half of a lemon and one tea spoon of honey. Stir it well and drink everyday in the morning.
  6. You may try a tea spoon of cumin seeds daily. Take a table spoon of cumin and soak it in a glass of water at night. Next morning boil the stuff to extract liquor out of that and then drink the warm liquor instead of tea along with chewing the cumin seeds.
  7. Avoid all the spicy and fried or processed food stuff. Include boil food items.
  8. Say no to high calories. Try to avoid sugar and grains if you are loaded with overweight.
  9. Avoid all sorts of cold drinks. Include card instead of that.
  10. Build the habit of taking green tea which is packed with anti oxidant, instead of the red one.

Fight against sleep-

  1. The best way to keep sleep under control is to sleep early and rise early.
  2. Avoid sleeping at day time.
  3. Sleep maximum for 7 hours a day.
  4. Sleep on hard bed. Avoid cosy bed.

Other than that there are also few odd ideas which you may try to reduce your belly fat. For that you have to take a piece alum and a spoon full of baking soda and a pack of a particular stuff, ‘Vics veporab’, which is available in any medical store. Now grind the alum into powder and mix the baking soda in same amount and then stir the mixture by adding  adequate amount of Vics to make it a proper jelly. Now apply the paste on your belly leaving it for at least 3 hours after wrapping the spot with a piece of poly paper. After 3 to 4 hour wipe the spot with cotton. Hope it would work.

Now if you try this and apply for you to fight against the belly fat and over weight then the day is not far away when you have to take out your old jeans out of your store room to get the days return with those dresses which you tried ten years before. Don’t forget to try these right now. Oh ho not the dresses but the tricks.

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