Important Things to be taken prior to your outing

Important Things for traveling
Written by Pintu Maji

Wait, wait, wait. Are you in a hurry? Planning for a holiday package for a week or a so?  Then may I help you? No, no I cant help you physically, being present there, but what I can do,is to just remind you some important points to keep in mind. Winter has come again with the invitation for outing. The  time of Christmas and new year eve are on the target for those who love travelling.  Travelling for a week or so actually energies you with a new spirit to work throughout the year with full dedication. The prospect of its coming keeps people energetic and enthusiastic. So if you are on a go for outing, you must take few necessary articles with you which are really very important to make your enjoyment entertaining and uninterrupted. I mean to say that today in this article I want to point out the things which are generally overlooked by people.

Identity card :- Don’t forget to carry your identity card with you at the time of travelling. It is better to carry more than one to avoid any trouble. It has become compulsory for lodging in any hotel. Get two photo copies of your ID cards before you leave.

Medicines:- Hope this thing might not be necessary for you. Still as a precautionary measure include these before outing. It is very common to face the changing of weather immediately after going to a new place. So don’t forget to keep with you the medicines of fever,headache, cough, cold,diarrhoea, acidityand ointment of cut and infection. You make include ORS powder, band aid, and bandage and cotton.

Inner wares:- please don’t take it otherwise. As from my experience I have seen people to be obsessed with dresses and garments for their outfit. It is a common mistake that they made is to forget about inner wares. So don’t forget to include these in your packing list.

Toilet kit:- To start a day what you need first, are brush,tongue cleaner,moisturiser, face wash, soap, oil, hand mirror, shaving kit, nail cutter etc. Generally people forget about these important things. So better you keep these things pack in a kit and place inside your trolley.

Hand bag:- Don’t forget to keep a hand bag with you.It will help you to find all the necessary and useful articles near your hand. Keep important things like hard-cash, mobile phone, lighter, water bottle, handkerchief, identity card etc.(mouth freshener*).

Charger:- You know it is impossible to spend time without your mobile or camera. And both of these are impossible to work without a battery. If you can’t charge your devices it will be impossible to think about the after effect. People generally don’t forgets to take mobile or camera but they forget to carry a charger with them. So please include a charger in your kit. You must take a headphone with you too.

Ticket, passport and visa:-In a hurry when you reach the platform or airport your dream of an exciting outing must not be marred because of your excitement . I mean to say that people in excitement or in a hurry forget to carry ticket, passport or visa with them. You don’t do the same. And keep the ticket , visa and passport in your handbag.

Extra money:- Always keep extra money with you while going for an outing. Keep  with you your cards and keep in recharge your e wallet. You know, You can not always calculate your travelling expenses.

Dry foods:- Take with you some dry foods and dry fruits with you. You know travel with out food is really tasteless. So keep all these with you.

Recharge:- You must carry recharge card and a power bank with you.Keep balance full in your phone before going out.

Hand sanitizer and hand wipes:- To save time and remain hygienic, you don’t forget to keep with you hand sanitizer and hand wipes.

Magazine pen copy books:-Sometimes you may find something different out of wandering. There you may be accompanied by books or if you need to put down something then you need a diary and a pen with you. Other than that a paper and a pen always needed as a necessary article.

So now I may expect from my viewers to be accompanied with these minor but very necessary articles with them at the time of outing. Now be cool and confident and get ready for an uninterrupted outing. One thing don’t forget to take your full carefree mind with you otherwise you can never enjoy your travel. Oh by the way HAPPYAND SAFE JOURNEY.

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