Is Time Travel really possible

Is Time Travel really possible
Written by Pintu Maji

Friends, do you know what could be the best gift for you dear ones? Friends, its nothing but time. Yes ,your time; as you are giving something which you never get back in your whole life. Will you not be surprised , if I say that you can get your time back? sometimes we are so frustrated or worried that we wait for the bad time to pass or think about our old golden days which are impossible for us to come back again. Will you believe, if I say you need not wait for the bad times to pass or hanker about the past, as going back to past or travel in future to escape present is possible.
The matter of time travel is still a good topic on science fiction but is not a topic for the scientist to be impossible. It’s not my imagination, rather a well rooted science that is going to offer you the ticket for time machine in future. Renowned scientist Stephen Hawkins is also hopeful about time travel. Scientists have directed few ways for the success of this bare dream.

Galexy(Time Travel)

1. Theory of relativity:

With Einstein’s discovery of the theory of relativity, the possibility of time travel seemed possible. According to Einstein, time is a four dimensional thing. The speed of passing time is not same in the whole universe. The measuring unit of time varies in the universe. Like, in our planet one hour unit consists of sixty parts each having one minute. Now if the unit changes to thousand units then what would happen? Suppose you roll down a stone from the top of a valley. Does the stone roll down in the same speed from top to bottom? It does not. If we consider the slope of the mountain as the flow of time and the speed of the stone the passing of time then you could understand my point, where the passing unit of time is not same everywhere.

Theory of relativityTheory of relativity

2. The speed of light:
You know light is the fastest thing in the whole universe. It travels in an unique speed of about 30 crore km/sec. Though with the invention of god particle or Boson particle the theory of physics came under the question and the possibility of time travel came under trial. Accordingly if any object can travel at the speed of light, for that object passing to future is possible. So if such space craft is possible to be made then time travel is possible. The theory of Einstein support the calculation that if any person can move on the speed of light his age would increase only eight days where as the normal age of other would reach to eighty years.

The speed of light1

3. Cosmic strings :
Few scientists believe that time travel is possible through the use of cosmic strings. Actually cosmic strings are one dimensional hypothetical defects or strings left unused at the time when this universe was formed. Scientists are of the opinion that by using two cosmic string time travel in the space is possible. But still its used is in the conception, not in any application.

consume string

4. Black hole :
In the universe or even in our galaxy the existence of black hole is noted , which in future may serve is the way to reach in future. Black hole is a dense and powerful constellation with a high gravitational or magnetic force. With the use of this black hole our universe can be measured or can be experienced. This black hole spreads through millions of light years in circular dimension. According to aeronautic research the existence of any thing from the centre of the black hole determines the passing of time.

Black Hole

Research shows if a space craft move around the centre of the black hole, his age would increase only the half of the space craft moving on the surface of the black hole. Thus, the people in the space craft moving at the centre would easily reach in future.



5. Wormhole :
Wormhole is like a tunnel that may teleport you from one part of universe to the other. As the time passes on ,a very micro hole in time, which is too little to be measured by us, is left. This hole, created by the gap of time may teleport you to your future life. This micro gap known as black matters continually expanding the galaxy in the universe. Now if this micro holes are accumulated to create a mass of hole that may show you the address of a new calendar.


6. Warp drive :
On the principle of the holy theory of relativity this warp drive can be applied to escape from your present time . NASA has already started project on it to make such drive that may take you to the future. If this effort succeed than this is going to be the most advanced and exceptional invention of modern science and technology.

Warp drive1

7. Tripler cylinder :
This could be a stepping stone to reach in future in near future. American physicist Frank. J. Tripler holds on the view that if an object is allowed to rotate around a hypothetical cylinder of infinite length then, that would go backward in time.

8. Rotate round the world :According to Stephen Hawkins if a train or vehicle is made to run rotating the world in the speed of light then the passengers inside the train would find themselves sixty years ahead in future where as for them it would be only a journey of one normal week.

Time travel in train

9. Double theory of same object :
According to Turin Quasar, the scientist ,there exist the double or more than one object of same element. People could change their future by going to the other specimen of their own. In this article I just cited the possibilities of time travel on the basis of few scientific principle and views. In another article of this series I shall discuss on the probabilities and the possibilities of the implementation of these theories. But till then you decide, if it’s really possible for you to travel in your future will you be ready to leave your present hour, or whom will you take with you if you determine to go? Write your comments and views by subscribing me. Oh ,one thing waiting for your reply.

Time Travel Stress


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