Manners or behaviours to be avoided before going to these countries

Manners or behaviours to be avoided before going to these countries
Written by Pintu Maji

Friend, this globe of ours is a emblem of Unity in Diversity in true sense. Varieties in colours, customs, manners, religions or way of public living holds the diversitywith a unique sense of unity. In the era of globalisation going abroad for business purpose or for outing purpose is not uncommon. But if you don’t follow the customs and behaviour of any particular place will may make yourself uncommon in the mass of common people.Even you may feel embarrassed or shy for your foolishness or unknown behaviour. So it is better to have the primal information about the points which you can do and which not.

Germany:- If you are about to land on Germany then be careful about making or calling a stranger friend. They don’t like over friendly attitude. They prefer formal behaviour, specially from a stranger. You don’t make a mistake to wish a person before his or her birthday comes. They consider it very unlucky. Even if you stare at any female with a fixed look it is consider to be very serious offence.

Korea:- Koreans believe in politeness and mild behaviours. Particularly it is common at the time of giving or taking help. Even if you want to give or take your credit card or currency you need to use both of your hands to show gratitude and respect.

Malaysia:- If you don’t want to be in trouble going there then keep in mind that do not touch the head of any people. They take it very abominable to get a touch on their head. It is a belief from their part that head is the domain of god so they should not touch it.

Norway:- Norwegian are so religious that they even don’t like any question related to church to be asked by any people.If you call any person with formal way of address then you will make them astonished. They prefer to call or address people by their first name.

Singapore:- Singapore is a place that is known for her cleanliness and tidiness. If you throw a chewing gum on road you have to pay a penalty of $ 1000. You can not eat any food on any public transport. Even it is strictly prohibited to feed birds or any animals on the road. Don’t ever think to spit  on road even in your dream.

New Zealand:- New Zealand is very clean and decorated country. The people in this country are very fun loving and friendly. But don’t ever make joke on Rugby, the lord of rings. You may be attracted by the attention of people if you are astonished to see bare footed people on the way. People here are very health conscious.

Russia:- If you have a friend or close one or anybody to wish with flowers then it is very easy to wish him or her with a bouquet of flower. But if the matter comes with Russians then you can only greet with a odd number of flower or bouquet. You have to give odd number of flowers as they use even number of flowers to express grief and for the funeral purpose. So practice counting odd if you any one there to greet with flower.

Japan:- If you are used to give tips to the waiter of restaurant or to other then this habit is needed ti be changed if you are thinking of going to Japan. They do not like or accept it as a sign of showing their dignity. You can not show your love or affection to your better half or like that by hugging or kissing in public place like that of India.

Mexico:- If your next destination is Mexico then grow an open and free mind as people of Mexico are too jolly and love to joke even with a stranger. So if you happen to come with such circumstance don’t take that personally.

Chile:- people of Chile are very much sophisticated. They don’t like to use their fingers even at the time of having food. They take even the smallest bit of food or chips with the use of fork.

United Kingdom:- The Britishers are very much disciplined. They love systematic organisation. If you want to take advantage by moving forward out of a queue then they consider you simply base. People here don’t like to be askes about their income. They like to discuss most about the weather, cricket or about their close friends. They are very selective in the matter of inviting persons to their house.

In this winter if you are planning for going abroad then don’t keep in minds about the necessary articles along with  the points. These are only few common customs or move that are being practiced by the people of that particular geography. To me the best way to act smart is to follow the customs and behaviours of the inhabitants of that area not to be ridiculed or harassed abroad.

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