Points to keep in mind before buying a smart phone

Points to keep in mind before buying a smart phone.
Written by Pintu Maji

Friends, what will be your priority, quality or quantity? Certainly most of you will click on quality. But if  you have the options of quality or quality? Then what would be your choice? Will you not be astonished? The same happens with you after going to an outlet of a smart phone gallery.The option of quantity is not valid at the time of buying a phone. There you are going to have only one, which opt out the option of quantity.What makes your eyes narrow , is the built and the quality of the product as you don’t need to compromise with  the quality. All the company claim their product to be the best. But it may not be always correct. A good look doesn’t make a phone smart ,but it becomes really smart when it is technically upgraded and advanced.You may be outwitted in spite of having a smart phone if it is not technically sound. A common individual can even understand the points that truly matters before buying a phone. Now lets see what are they.

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  • Display:- A display is the face of your phone. It shows the inner mechanism and efficiency of your smart phone. The size of a display really matters. The display must not be less than 5.0’ and more than 5.6’. Though the trend is going on super retina display still an AmoLed display is good. An AMOLED is very much power efficient and it gives a vivid and good picture quality.
  • Operating system:-There were a number of operating systems.But a few are in their use now a days.Apple usesIOS operating system exclusively. The other manufacturers use either Android or Windows as their operating system for mobiles.It can not be said that an ISO is better than android OS. It is not also true to be said just the opposite. Both of the OS have their specialities and lacking. But if you want a variety of models of different budget, then my suggestion is to opt for an smart phone on android OS. You don’t have a variety of choices if you are going to opt a smart phone of IOS. It is only good for flag ships. Windows as an operating system may not be a good option to you for an easy and simple mode of operating.

  • Processor:- The processor is the most important hardware of your phone. Lots of function and possibilities depends on this part. This processor is a combination of mechanism that performs on the collective activities in your phone. Four companies are the leading manufacturer of this processor –Samsung Exynos,Qualcomm snapdragon,Mediatek, Nvidea. It is better to chose the phones having Exynos or snapdragon processor than the others. It is the fault of the processor that causes the problems like draining of battery in short time or the phone being heated after a short time of use etc. Though the design for all type of processors is prepared by ARM. This manufacturer supply design of processor to every company through a licence. It includes Cortex, Number of cores and Giga hrz.  Themaximumnumber of Cortex is more advancer and efficient. Like a phone havingcortex A-59 is advanced than Cortex A-57.  So while buying a phone you keep the point in mind.Then the technology which is used by the builder is also very important. A processor is made up crore of tiny transistors. The efficiency of the processor depends on the number and size of transistors. The smaller it is in size thefaster and power efficient it is. Samsung is the best manufacturer who manufacture more advanced and upgraded transistors.At present Samsung is using its never before 10 nm Qualcomm snapdragon 835 or Samsung Exynos8895 Now the number of core is very important. Simply core means the workers. The maximum number of workers can perform any task easily and quickly. That’s why a deca core is more upgraded than a octacore processor and an octa coreis better than a hexa core processor. So while selecting a phone keep in mind the cores. Next what is important is  Ghz. You read that the phone is efficient with 1.5 Ghz or 2.0ghz processor. But you may simply keep in mind that it is the frequency or efficiency of completing a task. 1ghz means it can work 1o crore times in a second. If the cores are workers then Ghz is their working efficiency or timing.  So a complete balance of these may make your phone advanced and up to dated.
  • Camera:- Camera in a phone has become so important that a phone is really incomplete without a modified camera on both sides of a phone. The image quality, clarity , contrasts and colour impacts not only depends on the lance. It also depends on the size of sensors and the pixel of the camera. Pixel is used to capture the image component when a snap is clicked. 1 mega pixel means 10 lakhs pixel. So every pixel individually capture the minute details of a particular part of the object and prominently displays a picture with a good clarity and vividness. Now you can understand that a camera of 16 MP means the presence of 16×10 lakhs pixel. Along with that the quality of lance and the size of sensor present for the camera play an vital role to display a good and perfect picture to you.
  • Storage:- Your phone serves for the purpose of storing lots of personal datas, pics, moments, videos and many important presentation and lots of memory consuming applications. To store these files a phone needs a high storage capacity. So its storage must be more than 32 GB. Less than that is considered to be inefficient . One thing you keep in mind that storage not only includes internal memory but it also includes the RAM or random accessible memory. A phone with 3 GB of ram can perform very well. It provides a high performance and efficient access power.

  • Battery:- Battery is the storehouse of power of your phone. A battery must back up for the whole day activity. It must be such a battery that need not to charge in every 5 hours or so. In short battery with minimum charging time and maximum performance is considered to be good one. It must not be less than 3000 Ampere.
  • Budget:- Budget may be categorized into three types. Budget phones ($300) mid budget phones ($600) and flagships ( more than$600) Now it depends according to your choice and purse. To me a midbudget android phone is not too bad for you.
  • Sensors:- The use of sensors make a phone really smart. So while going for buying a new phone consider it carefully so that you need not to compromise with this features in your phone. Keep in mind to have a phone with maximum numbers of sensors in it to make your phone auto performer.

Now these are few things which are very important along with the look of a phone. Hope this article really helps you before buying a phone with your own knowledge. And please don’t forget me  and my site after getting your new phone. Don’t even forget to write me back from your new phone. Than you.

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