The most underrated tourist attraction, Odisha

The most underrated tourist attraction, Odisha
Written by Pintu Maji

India is rich with her tourist attractions. From the earthly heaven of Kashmir in the north to the foaming tide of south, or from the landscape variety of west to the rich heritage of east India is always ready to cater your eyes and fill your mind in ecstasy with her natural variation and beauties.So if you cant help responding to the summon of mind then this time Odisha of India might be your destination. Odisha is promising you to fulfil your liking. Whatever your liking may be, Odisha will never disheartenyou, as it is a complete destination for your winter package with a perfect combination of sea, mountain, religion spot, and natural beauties.Located on the eastern coast of the country Odisha is one of the most underrated tourist attractions of India that always allure lacks of tourists to take a look over  every year.

Best time to visit:- Though Odisha is always ready with her frolic welcome throughout the year ,still winter is considered to be the best time of the year to visit Odisha.You may enjoy the friendly weather with a temperate temperature that moves around 10°C  to 27 or 28°C. Generally this time remain free from rain. A huge number of people gather at monsoon also. It is also good, but always try to avoid summer, as it is too scorching.

Places to see:-

  • Puri beach:- The first thing that will definitely attract youis the foaming high wave of the sea. The Bay of Bengal here is very powerful and active with a high backwash current. You can not resist yourself from the call of the white sand and roaring sea.

Puri beach

  • Swargadwar:- walking straight along the beach you will come near ‘swargadwar’ ( way to heaven). It is named so, as the place of the beach is believed or is in the belief of people to be the place where Chaitannya Mahaprabhu, one of the Hindu prophet passed away on the blue water of the sea.As per Hindu belief, a dip on this beach will redeem you from all of your sins and thus will help you to attain the passport to heaven. This place is also known as ‘Burning Ghat” From the belief of heaven , the relatives of the dead person want to make afuneral here.
  • Jagannath Temple:- The temple of Jagannath is one of the four major pilgrims to Hindus. This temple has always been a matter of attraction to the devotees and the art lovers for its unique architectural structure.As history says this temple of Jagannath (Lord of the universe) was built on the 12th century by the king Chodaganga Deba. An annual Rath yatra( Processions of Chariot) is celebrated during June or July. The most amazing fact about the temple is that it has the world’s largest kitchen with a capacity of catering atlest one lack (100000) people per day which bounce up to 2.5lack on any festive day.


  • Sun temple of Konark:- One of the architectural build of Odisha is obviously the Sun temple of Konark. The great wheels of chariot built on the temple serves as the bookmark of the temple. The most amazing fact about the temple is that the temple stands without any shadow of it. You can never see the shadow of this temple any time of day as formed by the sun. The natural surroundings and well maintained garden will definitely attract you.

  • Chilika lake:-A evening fall at the lake of Chilika must not be missed by you. The evening settings with clear blue sky, lemon red slanting rays of sun over the lake water and the amazing wildlife sanctuary of Chilika will definitely remind you of its beauty. You may have an enjoyment of boating here. Do you know the Chilika lake is the largest coastal lagoon in India and the second largest coastal lagoon of the world with inland salt water.

  • Dhawal Giri:- Basically its a Buddhist pilgrimage spot situated on the hill at the side of Daya river. The architecture and the statue made of white marble will add something special with the scenic view of the naturallandscape.
  • Lingaraj Temple:- the capital of Odisha is ready to welcome you with one of the notable pilgrims of India that is Lingaraj Temple. It is a temple of Lord Shiva. The sculpture and artful creation of this largest temple of the town will amuse you with its wonder.
  • Nandan Kanan :- The zoo at Nandan Kanan is ready to welcome you with its huge number of wildlife; from white tiger to crocodile, from bear to snake , from reptiles to birds and what not? The wildlife lovers will be definitely attracted by its variety and hugeness.
  • Khandwa Giri and Uday Giri:- These are two different spot for taking the view of mountain beauty. The huge number of monkeys are there in your wait with the packet of ground nut.
  • Others:- There are also lots of other places of attraction like,Chaturdham Veda Bhawan,Gundicha Temple,Ballav Math etc.

How to reach:- You may opt for air travel. There you get the option of Bhubaneswar air port. If you want to opt for train , then board up to Puri. If you go for highway then the Golden triangle at Bhubaneswar connected with Puri and Konark is waving at you.

Hotels:- Lots of hotels are there to be your host. You may opt as per your purse. Option from minimum 400 rupees to onward is available easily.

So what are you thinking of? Odisha is waiting for your arrival. You may find yourself in the historic age going there in your winter vacation. So pack up your bag to enjoy the winter and that even within your reach.Jappy journey.As for me I would like to spend the whole of my life travelling, if I could borrow anywhere another life to spend with my family at home. What about you dear friends?

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