The root of frustration and the youth

Written by Pintu Maji

Friends, These two words frustrations and youth are not a good pair and should never be.Still we are experiencing this in our day to day live. specially the youth and new generation are the more sufferers. But what are the roots of the problem  and what are their possible solution? Today we will try to know about this problem, through which nearly every parents are going through for their children. So lets start….

1● Liking for pre maturity.

In the rat-race of life even the young ones are running the race. The children and young ones are not enjoying their age or are compel to do so. You see that a boy or girl of 10 years holds the fantasy of 15 years boy or girl. The same with the young of 15 years who holds a desire for 20 and so on.Inthis way they have a desire for this pre maturity which serves one of the root of today’s problems. In this way he or she is ignoring the fruits of his age or fails to take the enjoyment of his or her age.Now what makes the difference? If one has enjoyed the age of 20 at the age of 20 then what is stored for him in 20? Right; blank or nothing or what left is old. So this blankness is filled by the newness of 25 which is  not his or her own. When all the  fruits of enjoyment is taken there left the emptiness and possibly the root of searching something new which may give some pleasure. When all sorts of pleasure fails to satisfy him or her there these young ones are finding pleasure by  some violent means or self-baiting. Thatswhy they seek their address in dangerous games like‘Bluewhale’ or like this.

2●Non attainment of goal.

Often it is seen that once a baby is born his destination in professional field is fixed by parents even before giving the baby it’s good name. So a baby is born not with its childhood but with a goal. His preparation to attain the goal starts in his prime though the goal to him is uncertain and unjust. When this goal seems far from the reach of the child the parents become restless and sometimes lacks the love for the child which leaves the child in an open ground where there is none to play with or none to help him to score a goal. This loneliness proves very much instrumental for the frustration.

3●Lack of time from the loved ones.

As money has become the honey of our life so ,the quest for the same keeps a child away from his or her parents . Thus at day time the loneliness and at night the sleepiness completes the day,a day that could have been filled with love and caring. This lacking of giving time is not only creating a distance among ourselves but also creates an emptiness full with frustration.

4●Too much touch with the web world.

Though this world has become a magic lamp of ‘Aladin’ but the contact with this e world makes us forget our living world. As a result the we have grasp the whole world in our index finger but we are losing our hold love and caring and recognition or understanding from our next door. Though we have thousands of friend on e- world but we have none in true sense whom we may call a friend. Now where the problem is? Where the relation is to our topic? Here it is.Suppose you are in a problem over any matter. So you need a solution.Now whom to chose? You ask the solution to your e -friend instead of any real friend since you have none. Thus instead of getting any solution your secret problem is webbed and you become a butt of jokes which makes your situation worst making you more frustrated.

On the next article I shall discuss about the probable solutions of these probs. Hope to satisfy your queries friends.

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