The secret to build up your personality

build up your personality
Written by Pintu Maji

Friends, how could you make a white glass bowl red? Are you thinking of colouring the glass with paints? Is it not that you are trying to wrap it up with a colourful paper. Or is there any unique idea in your brain? If I am asked I shall do none of these. I will simply switch on a red light on the room or  fill the bowl with red coloured water? Will not it work?Likewise the glass bowl, we can build up an attractive personality  not only by wrapping up with colourful wrappers, I mean dresses, but also successfully developing from within. As wrapping up or colouring the glass bowl does not make it colourful permanently, 0likewise our outlook and dresses do not grow our personality.One thing you must know that outlook does not means smartness or building up of personality. It is your personality that attracts persons towards you. With a good personality an individual can set an example for others to imitate. But personality is not an imitation. It is rather grooming your inner core to be the you. Today I am going to share my opinion on how to increase personality.

Listen first before you comment:- A person with a good personality is he who speaks less and listen more. To interfere or comment on any matter first you listen then comment on that with full realisation.

Prudence:-An individual must show his prudence to be credited with a title of good personality. It is not that you always need to show your intelligence or prudence in every matter. This prudence is the outcome that comes only when you think in a prudent way.

Let other talk :- If you have a good personality then as a person you will always allow other to speak or you give importance to other’s view and decision.

Speak less :- People have a wrong view that they are attracted more when they talk more but it is totally different. Speaking less is a sign of maturity. It develops your personality.

Don’t comment if you are not asked:- You should not comment in any circumstance if you are not asked to do so. To sustain your personality do not pass a comment until you are asked or situation demand so.

Learn to protest:- But the last point is not applied for you where a matter of any dishonesty or seduction occurs. Do not miss the chance to protest on the situations,  such as illegal activities, matter of dishonesty or if a man or women is seduced by a person, to be counted in the list of a man or women of good personality.

Don’t try to attract attention:- If you try to attract your attention with your behaviour or appearance then you are going on a wrong track. It only marred  your personality. It is better to pay attention on yourself rather than giving it to others.

Be honest:- If you are honest then you are full with confidence in any circumstance that is a means to get a good personality.

Sense of humour:- This is such a quality that will obviously give you a bold ground to maintain personality. If you have a good sense of humour then you can easily lessen the bitter sense of situation or comments. Thus it might be helpful in the way of growing your personality.

Find your own fault and consider:-  In any circumstance if you can set an example to find your own fault then you may come out from any type of argument and maintaining your personality.

Present your words with proper accent:-  Your personality reflects on how you speak. Don’t speak too fast or speak in a hurry. Speak slowly with proper pause, maintaining the proper accent. Speak slowly but with a good sound and confidence.

Eye contact:- Always speak with others with a good eye contact. This shows your confidence, smart personality and a sign of positivity.

Firm hand shaking:-An experienced man or woman can easily judge your personality once you shake your hands. While you are handshaking with other then don’t forget to hold the palm with firm and tight grip.

Don’t smile unnecessarily :- Your personality should not be a matter of farce for other or unserious. Do not laugh more than what is relevant and necessary. When an individual laughs more his or her personality is known as unserious and easily accessible.

Keep secrets :- you may have to  compromise with your personality if you disclose your secrets and weakness to others. So keep your secrets and weakness hidden for your personality.

Maintain a good outfit and appearance:- Your personality is reflected through your appearance and outlook to some extent.Wear clean and ironed dresses. Keep your hair brushed. Use a good perfume.

Avoid seeking help from other:- Always try to avoid seeking help from other so far it is possible. This may make you answerable and subdued to those who help you giving their support. It is easy to maintain your personality if instead of seeking help from other, you seek others to help them.

Timing:- A person with good personality knows the value of time. To maintain your personality you know first the value of time.

Be silent listener :- If you don’t have any idea on any topic then it is better to be the listener than to be a speaker. If you make wrong comment on the topic which you do not know then you will be a butt of jokes.

Be mild and gentle and give honour our to others:- If you don’t have the qualities in you then learn to include these within you as these are very vital for an individual to maintain personality.

So to grow your personality you first personally personalize the points to keep on a sound personality within you, the real you. There are lots more to come. Just follow me for next update. Thank you.

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Pintu Maji

Pintu Maji is the chief author and the co founder of the domain. He is an M.A in English literature and at present is in teaching profession. He is here to share his views experience and knowledge on those topics , he is experienced with. He is skilled at team management and man study and their behaviors. Likes to read books and sing songs and of course blogging.Making new friends is his hobby. Here his goal is to share his little knowledge , he has and to meet your needs and make you happy.

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