Ways to keep your android fast

Ways to keep your android fast
Written by Pintu Maji

Using 4G or Wi fi for faster internet browsing orplaying game in your mobile? Good. Is it your phone that is not properly fulfilling your desired accuracyon time? What is the use of having 4G or Wi Fi if your phone itself is slow? Is your phone really slow? Thinking of replacing  it with a new one?Before you plan to buy you a new phone then go through the article. Hope this article willhelp you to fix your problem.

Clear your caches:- The mobile you uses always collects small pieces of data which boosts up the performance of your phone. But when the mobile runs out of storage or low storage then these cached datas act in different way making your phone slow. So then clear these cached datas from your phone.

Go to setting> tap on storage> tap cached data>select ok>disable or delete.

Window animation setting:- If your phone is performing slow then you may boost it up by a small setting change. It will increase the speed efficiency of your phone.

Go to setting> about phone> version/software information>  click five times on built no> developer> window animation scale> select ‘•5’ out of three or four alternative options.

Disable animations:- Animations make all of your transitions and interactions with your OS to  appear more fluid till your phone starts slowing down.You may increase the speed of your handset by simply with a click on disable option.

Setting> about phone >tap build number for 7 times>return to setting again> tap on developer option>tap window animation scale>animation off.

Reduce widgets:- widgets are really amazing feature of your operating system as they help you to see and also help you to interact with those apps which are on your home screen. It helps the OS to open the apps again when needed without launching the app. These may be instrumental in slowing down the speed of your phone. So remove these widgets.

Navigate to the widget you one to opt and remove> long press to the widget >drag that widget to release or remove by putting them on delete or remove option.

Know the storage :- The internal storage of your phone is very important to boost up the speed of your phone. Try to keep the internal storage of your phone free for better performance.

Update android to the latest firmware:- Always keep your android phone updated on latest firmware. Every time the updated android is better in performance and capacity more developed and organised. So keep it updated.

Stop using live wallpaper:- If you love to keep live wall paper on your mobile phone then change the taste. This might be harmful for your device. It may slower down the speed of your mobile phone by occupying RAM and OS. So stop using these live wallpaper.

Update your  installed applications:- Every time google improves its software keeping in mind to improve its service and efficiency. So for better and boost up result update all of your installed apps. It  will increase the speed of  your mobile.

Selection of memory card:- Selection of memory card is very important. Always use memory cards with high speed read and write operation ability for boosting up the speed of your phone. Choose memory card of class 6 or class 10 for your android.

Optimise chrome browser:- Switch on the data saving mode in chrome for android always compress the pages around 30 to 50%.It ensures less data consume and fast browsing.

Navigate to chrome>tap the overflow menu present in the upper right part> tap setting> tap data saver> toggle the switch in the upper right part.

Stop syncing:- It enables you to view the updated massage or notification every time. But turn off the auto sync if you want your phone to be boosted up.

Remove the unnecessary apps:- The apps which are not in use or unnecessarily occupying your precocious storage of your phone must be uninstalled for better and faster performance.

Setting >tap app you want to remove>select> uninstall> ok.

Hope these points may boost the speed of your device to make it run fast. Just try these o  and it not only make your phone fast but also make you fast to reject the decision of taking a new phone. Thank you.

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